Red State: An Insider’s Story of How the GOP Came to Dominate Texas Politics

Red State: An Insider's Story of How the GOP Came … [Read more...]

See How Small by Scott Blackwood

Synopsis: One late autumn evening in a Texas town, … [Read more...]

The Texas Hamburger: History of a Lone Star Icon

by Rick Vanderpool - the Official … [Read more...]

Rush Revere and the American Revolution

Rush Revere and the American Revolution, third in … [Read more...]

Genesis: The Story of Apollo 8 by Robert Zimmerman

Science writer and acclaimed space historian Bob … [Read more...]

Hell to Pay: Operation DOWNFALL and the Invasion of Japan, 1945-1947

by D. M. Giangreco Hell To Pay: Operation … [Read more...]

Eipper: Jesus Christ on Killing

Wichita Falls policeman Charlie Eipper had to do … [Read more...]

Texas Grit: The Adventures of Wilder Good

S. J. Dahlstrom is back with the second in his The … [Read more...]

The Castle Rock Legend by Eric C .Taylor

Eric Taylor's second novel doesn't disappoint and … [Read more...]

Slaughter at Goliad: The Mexican Massacre of 400 Texas Volunteers by Jay A. Stout

Infamy at Goliad March 27 1836 On this day in … [Read more...]

Song: “Don’t go to Houston if yer lookin’ fer Texas”

A listener as written asking about where to find … [Read more...]

2014/15 Real Texas Calendar from Pratt on Texas

The Pratt on Texas 2014 Texas Calendars are here! … [Read more...]

Williamson: The Dependency Agenda

As we note the 50th anniversary of the Democrats' … [Read more...]

Nemerov: Four Hundred Years of Gun Control: Why Isn’t It Working?

I highly recommend this book if you wish to have a … [Read more...]

Private space flight: Texas must remain a leader

Robert Zimmerman’s book Genesis: The Story of … [Read more...]

Audio: Lt. Col. Oliver North on Pratt on Texas

Lt. Col. Oliver North appeared on Pratt on Texas … [Read more...]

Win a copy of Rush Revere & the Brave Pilgrims

I'm giving away a copy of Rush Limbaugh's new … [Read more...]

The Republic by Jeffery H. Essary

[Read more...]

The Elk Hunt: The Adventures Begins (The Adventures of Wider Good) by S.J. Dahlstrom

Among the best books for young boys I've seen in … [Read more...]

Recent music added to the bump rotation

[Read more...]

Obamacare: A Handbook for Employers

The ACA Affects You. Obamacare is here. … [Read more...]

Fighter Group: The 352nd “Blue-Nosed Bastards” in World War II by Jay A. Stout

As described by award-winning author Jay A. Stout, … [Read more...]

Magnificent Sam: The Amazing Adventures of Sam Houston by Laurie Cockerell

"Magnificent Sam" is a children's picture book … [Read more...]

The End Is Near and It’s Going to Be Awesome: How Going Broke Will Leave America Richer, Happier, and More Secure by Kevin D. Williamson

An excellent book I recommend to everyone. It's a … [Read more...]

Texian Iliad: A Military History of the Texas Revolution by Stephen L. Hardin

In this highly readable history, Stephen L. Hardin … [Read more...]

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