Broadcasting from DentoCare in lovely Costa Rica this week

Pratt on TexasIf all goes well, I should be [I am] broadcasting Pratt on Texas from the Central American nation of Costa Rica today.

You have heard me talk about DentoCare and Dr. Sylvia Zuñiga this last year and an impressively large number of listeners have traveled to Costa Rica for dental work from Dr. Zuñiga. She is my dentist and because of the surprisingly large response from the audience, I have decided to invest in growing her relationship with us.

Dr. Silvia Zuñiga

Dr. Silvia Zuñiga of Dento Care with patient.

If you have been interested but want to learn more about Dr. Zuñiga and having work done in Costa Rica, our show today is a do-not-miss event. I’ll visit with her about her training, practice, and ask many questions potential patients have – I know the questions because I was a first-timer a few years ago.

Over the next few days I plan to talk about issues beyond dentistry with a focus on other medical tourism, as it is called, to Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a big center for direct pay Canadians and Americans for all types of healthcare. My former neighbor, who first introduced me to Dr. Zuñiga, has friends who have had all types of surgeries there and I’ve been reading about such for years.

The problem broadcasters run into in live broadcasts from far away is latency. When not in control of the routing of data sometimes you will find the data packets being routed in ridiculous paths jumping all over the world in such a way that reassembling them in milliseconds becomes a problem.

So, let’s hope those little data packets fly right and, don’t worry, I’ll have the news and commentary of Texas too. Tune-in to Pratt on Texas as I broadcast from beautiful Costa Rica.

This is a photo of the mountainside “trendy” suburb of Escazu from which I’ll be broadcasting:

Escazu, suburb of the capital of San Jose, Costa Rica

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