More absurdity from Associated Press writers

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reserved“Trump’s new refugee policy could pit cities against states,” was an AP headline. Really? It is Trump policy that is pitting cities against their state governments? That seems to have been going on long before Trump became President.

Believe it or not, the AP is claiming that a Trump Administration policy which gives state and local governments the authority to refuse to accept refugees “could hurt towns with aging populations that have come to rely on young refugees to revitalize their economies.”

Yes, you heard it right: Giving states the right to refuse the influx those deemed refugees by the Left would undermine those states’ cities that rely on non-citizens to “revitalize their economies.”

“While conservative states like Texas and Tennessee have sued to halt refugee resettlement or demand compensation for the costs, the mayors of more liberal cities like Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Nashville have publicly welcomed more people fleeing danger in their home countries,” the AP reported.

AP frames the issue as conservative-run state governments thwarting the plans of liberal cities to import thousands of non-citizens and arguing that such is good for those cities because it helps the demographic mix of those cities because of their “aging populations.”

If you’ve ever wanted an example of how out of touch with reality AP writers can be this has got to be it. Sadly, it’s just another story in a daily example of media absurdity.

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