Austin ISD to close 12 schools to have money to fund Leftist re-education propaganda programs

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedPublic education is a mess. Take this report from Austin-based news outlet called the Austin Bureau:

Trustees and officials of the Austin Independent School District (AISD) are dreaming about how they could spend funds freed up by closing 12 schools…

Enhanced “cultural proficiency training” would be one area targeted for reinvestment if plans move forward, according to staff presentations…

Citing the “necessity for cultural proficiency and inclusion,” AISD Chief of Business and Operations Nicole Conley Johnson said that savings from the school closures would be invested in cultural proficiency training for more than 6,000 teachers, counselors, campus staff, and district staff.

In remarks to the board, [Equity Officer Dr. Stephanie] Hawley cited the importance of “making sure that every child is in the presence of somebody who understands what it is to be culturally proficient.”

“If you’re in a dominant culture, you have to understand how your culture and how your use of power impacts another person. I think that this is one of the boldest steps that we are taking. Because we are talking about the reeducation of an entire system,” she said.

Hawley sounds like your everyday Communist Party official extolling the false virtues of “re-education” prison camps still in use in China, North Korea and other communist outposts.

And as if all of that is not enough, another item Austin ISD will use the money for that was discussed by staff is “new and expanded opportunities in… social justice.”

This Austin ISD example should be enough evidence for you to reconsider, if you are a doubter, that public education is fundamentally a mess.


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