Democrat wants Texas law to say a “container” is not a container

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedThe anti-freedom, false-virtue signaling Left never stops. After the Texas Supreme Court rightly ruled that state law prohibits cities from enacting plastic bag bans, a Leftist (a.k.a. Democrat) legislator is has filed a bill to change the law so that cities can go back to inserting themselves between businesses and their customers and ban the use of plastic bags.

Leftist state Representative Gina Hinojosa of Austin filed a bill that would specifically change the state law in question to say that the definition of containers does “not include a single-use bag provided by a retail business to a customer at the point of sale for the purpose of transporting purchases.”

Not only is this a perversion of language given than a plastic bag which contains the things you bought most certainly is a “container,” it is an affront to personal freedom and example of how self-anointed elitist Democrats want to manage even the most mundane elements of our daily lives.

In the Statesman’s write-up on the bill you’ll find this loaded sentence: “In the event the Texas House passes the bill, it would face a state Senate whose leader, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, generally has been unsympathetic to local environmental interests.”

What’s this “local environmental interests” stuff? What Patrick, as well as Governor Abbott, is opposed to is local governments moving to act as city-states, claiming powers that belong only to state government, and taking away the freedom of sellers and buyers to decide upon their own how they want to transport the goods they buy.

It’s not plastic bags that are a “scourge” on us but overreaching government trying to control us.


  1. Jay D. Loving says

    The three biggest problems the state faces:
    1. Drugs (prescription and otherwise),
    2. Illegal immigration (often tied to drugs)
    3. Plastic bags (Often used in conjunction with the drugs
    and illegal immigration)
    That is why we must go after the plastic bags!

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