Listener: Dirt arena vs. $2 million for sheriff’s department?


I won’t bring up that the cut on the [Lubbock County] sheriff’s department was in part for political payback.  Nor will I bring up that Patti Jones is in a GREAT place to have her ole’ cotton farms be more valuable property for commercial or multi-resident development from the dirt arena.

What I would like to share is that the current county commissioners are more interested in an entertainment venue than for the safety of our county.  I REALLY pisses me off!






  1. Beverly Arnold says

    Will also add this note about Mrs. Jones. In her last election bid,, she promised to pave a road that runs from University west to Frankford. A crossroad that would be Slide Rd is in between. Mrs, Jones parents lived 1/8 mile east of University. My grandparents lived on the NW corner of “Slide” and it was pure hell when they became elderly and needed an ambulance when road conditions warranted. As a matter of fact, one driver ask that my grandfather (in his 80’s) put my grandmother-suffering a heart attack) meet them on the pavement at “Slide” and FM 2641. Her parents were great and caring neighbors, but their daughter didn’t inherit those traits,

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