Listener: Plethora of sexual & other identities allows for economic leapfrogging


I appreciate your commentary when I get to hear it if I’m driving during your show.

Regarding the various sexual orientations, I’ve learned (in the business world at least) that by creating these various categories it gives people an economic advantage for promotion.

In other words, under current policies, businesses have to be “fair” to everyone.  They have to hire by percentages.  So you have to have a black, an Hispanic, a white, a transgender, a lesbian, a homosexual and for each category you think up, it is a legal point of dispute that the business is not “fair” or is “discriminating” if, for example, a “pansexual” is not promoted.

It is a way for people of questionable skills to get promoted.  It is a way for leftists to come in through a back door.  If you have one Christian, but three leftists of various sexual persuasions promoted to management, the company begins to take a leftist tilt.  Then, the majority in power promote more like themselves and you end up with Google or Facebook.  It is a way for a leftist minority to put themselves in power through these various regulations of equality in hiring.

It is a different form of the “race card” only this time for leftists.

It is a way to give someone who might “lose” in a normal environment an advantage.  In other words, a mediocre male athlete competing in a normal environment against better males might lose the race.*

But if he enters an abnormal environment, an all-women race, by “becoming” a female, he might win because he has a natural  physical advantage as a man, irrespective of his pretense of being a woman.

Cheryl J.

* She’s not wrong, see this: Transgender cyclist, calls out ‘bigots’ after winning female world championship

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