Dallas finally makes move that may actually affect “gun-violence”

Pratt on TexasFor decades gun rights advocates have pointed out what this headline from 2013 says: “Gun Control Facts: Existing Gun Laws Would Reduce Crime, But These Are Not Enforced.”

This was a huge national push from the NRA and others way back in the Clinton years when, in 1994 the so-called Federal Assault Weapons Ban, was passed that banned scary looking guns. Even anti-gun academics determined a decade later, when it expired, that it had little to no effect on crime. But it was pro-Second Amendment folk who pointed out that just enforcing laws we already had would have an effect on crime.

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With a Dallas story, we are reminded that Democrats have not actually taken much action to affect gun-violence even when easy so to do.

The City of Dallas has announced that it is going to be only the second big Texas city to begin reporting all Class C misdemeanor municipal court guilty or no-contest pleas of family violence to the state for inclusion in the National Crime Information Center database which is used to conduct background checks for firearm purchases as well as carry licensing.

Kudos to Dallas Morning News reporter Sharon Grigsby for getting it right with this:

“This isn’t part of some new restriction — it’s what Second Amendment advocates have long advocated: enforcing the laws that are already on the books. Under federal law, any family violence proceeding — whether a Class C misdemeanor, a protective order or a felony — prevents the guilty party from purchasing a weapon. The old system in Dallas allows low-level bad actors to escape that consequence. Closing the loophole is exceedingly sensible and long overdue.”

Among all of our Democrat-run cities, only San Antonio is doing this and has not been doing so for long.

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Democrats and Leftists have had little reason to actually be effective on this issue as they need the violence in order to get people to go along with a complete disarming of our free people so that only our government bosses will have weapons.

Fortunately Dallas Cowboy legend Roger Staubach’s daughter, a Dallas city councilwoman, has decided to offer leadership on this substantive and easily implemented issue.

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