NRA backs pro-gun Democrats; Beto O’Rourke earned his “F” rating through votes cast

Pratt on TexasHere is a bit of truth sure to upset the dogmatic applecart of many: The member-run National Rifle Association has long endorsed and awarded “A” ratings to Democrats and yes, even liberal Democrats.

In Texas there have long been elected legislators who are liberal on much but solidly pro-Second Amendment who have carried TSRA, the NRA state affiliate, “A” rating into elections.

A Tribune News Service story from March of this year contained this line: “During the 1992 election cycle, the NRA contributed 37% of its congressional campaign donations to Democrats.” The story went on to claim that since that time the NRA has become less nonpartisan and is now a de facto wing of the GOP.

O’Rourke earned his “F” rating from the NRA through votes cast

The story is right that NRA backs pro-gun Democrats just as it back pro-gun rights Republicans but the authors are demonstrably wrong about NRA becoming a “pseudo-wing” of the Republican Party.

What has happened is that with the continued takeover of the Democrat Party by far-Left “progressives,” there are fewer and fewer pro-gun, pro-Constitution traditional Democrats in the party across the nation. Such Democrats have been, in typical Leftist fashion, purged from their party.

NRA “F” rated Rep. O’Rourke

First-time voter, 34-year-old Jaren Lynch of Austin, a Beto Pancho O’Rourke backer, was quoted in the Austin American-Statesman saying about her home county, Mills County and the Goldthwaite-area: “They’re all red there, and their main concern is ‘our guns, our guns,’ and OK, I get it. We all grew up hunting, but (O’Rourke’s) not going to take your rifle. What are you talking about?”

That she ignorantly thinks the Second Amendment is about hunting is bad enough.

That she doesn’t realize that three-term member of Congress, Beto O’Rourke, proudly earned his “F” rating from the NRA through votes cast, demonstrates that she, like many voters, will simply believe whatever she wants despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

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