“All People, No PACs” mantra is colossal hypocrisy of the Left

Pratt on TexasA photo from a Beto Pancho Lefty O’Rourke rally at the University of Texas at Austin gave an example of the ignorance of many about politics.

The photo shows a woman and young boy standing in the back holding up poster board signs. The boy’s simply has Beto written on it, the woman’s has the phrase “All People NO PACS” quite boldly printed.

I have already addressed how misleading is O’Rourke’s claim not to take PAC, or Political Action Committee, donations in this campaign. It has been well documented in the media that major Leftwing PACs have indeed been bundling money for him that he has taken. The PACs, like the liberal J-Street PAC, are simply handing over the donations directly to Beto Pancho as opposed to running such through their own bank accounts. PACs have setup, done the administrative work, and hosted big east and west coast fundraisers for his campaign as well.

The “All People NO PACS” sign is little different from the anti-corporation signs often held by those on the Left who clearly do not understand what a corporation actually is. These folk do not understand that PACs (or business corporations) are nothing but collections of like minded people working together to achieve goals upon which they agree.

And that is what the people gathered at the rally are: A group of like minded people assembled for a joint purpose.

Just because one doesn’t make formal legal arrangements to act together, or corporately, doesn’t change the corporate nature of the action.

The disdain of PACs, as well as corporations, is to simply announce one’s hostility toward group action in politics. For the Left, which denies individualism for group identification, such is about as hypocritical as it can get in politics.

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