Cruz: Voter turnout will decide 2018 elections

Pratt on TexasIn his Lubbock rally on Saturday, 22nd September, U.S. Senator Ted “Cruz reiterated a point [Robert] Pratt mentioned previously, that it is important for everyone to go vote in this upcoming election,” reported Matthew Setzekorn of Texas Tech’s Daily Toreador.

“What the left is counting on is complacency. The danger is not that a bunch of Texas conservatives wake up suddenly and go democrat. I don’t think that’s gonna happen. The danger is too many of us stay home. So, let’s prove them wrong,” Cruz said.

Senator Ted Cruz

And such is the case. This election is about as non-standard of a gubernatorial cycle, or mid-term for the federals, as we have had in a very long time.

Polls are all over the place because there is not a solid, trustworthy model to use to predict who will actually show up to vote. But what is clear is that sheer hatred of a person, not his policies per se but of an individual, is so prevalent with the always agitated Left, it appears that liberals may turnout in record numbers for mid-terms.

If that happens, and the GOP loses the House, Senator Cruz said this:

“For the next two years we have political chaos in Washington… Absolute Armageddon… We have a dozen investigations, of every federal agency, designed to cripple the Trump Administration.”

So what matters most?

That all sane, Rule of Law, Constitution-loving Texans not only vote but take sane friends, family and associates to the polls to counter the hate-fueled hordes of the Left.

*Hear the full speech from Senator Cruz here.

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