Listener: O’Rourke 1 of 8 to oppose protecting Israel with Iron Dome


Among the  many reasons to say NO to Beto, in 2014 he was 1 of 8 representatives against giving Israel the money for the Iron Dome.  395 voted for it.

He was supposed to have said there were enough voting for it so he did not think he needed to –so he voted against  it.

Cruz mentioned Beto’s vote when Cruz was here at Triple J’s.

I think Christians, Jews, and others supporting Israel would find this inexcusable.  You may have addressed this  in the past.  I have not been here recently so I may have missed your commentary.

I am a Cruz supporter, long time Texan, and do not want this person to represent this great state and nation.  Thanks for all your do.


See: How the Israel Lobby Set Beto O’Rourke Right


  1. Dennis Tarrant says

    At least for now we were able to hold off the Fake Hispanic liar.

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