The deceptive theater of O’Rourke’s no PAC money pledge

Pratt on TexasRobert Francis O’Rourke, the guy from El Paso many wrongly think has an Hispanic family background because he goes by the Spanish “Beto,” has made rejecting political action committee (PAC) money a big part of his bid to win Ted Cruz’ senate seat back for liberals.

“Tom Steyer, one of the biggest Democratic donors in the country, openly mulled spending on O’Rourke’s behalf via his environmental super PAC, NextGen America,” Texas Tribune reported. The O’Rourke response to Steyer’s comments reported across the Texas was that O’Rourke says “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Rep. Robert Francis O’Rourke

It is all theater by O’Rourke to fool the ignorant, in other words his base and anyone who would vote for him. These Super PACs do not officially coordinate with candidates and their campaign organizations, they are prohibited from such.

Additionally you have this gleefully reported Texas [Democrat] Monthly story from April: “Democrats Create Big-Money PAC to Oppose Senator Ted Cruz.” The PAC is called the “Fire Ted Cruz” committee and in typical leftist infantile vulgarity it chose “FTedCruz” as its website name.

The group already has $100,000 from “investment banker Vaughn Vennerberg II of MorningStar Partners and $10,000 from Dallas trial lawyer Marc Stanley,” according to the story. It will have much more too and the group carries the required federal language that it is “not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.”

This is at the root of why O’Rourke’s big “no PAC money” is nothing but empty theater, he knows the Left will be there with millions. It’s part of his fundamental dishonesty.

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