Wichita Falls listener fed up local press, civic cheerleaders

Hi Robert,

First off I want to thank you for publicly exposing the stupidity of our city “leaders” and their misinformation campaign designed to make the ignorant believe that a $77 million dollar government services complex is going to make our local economy grow. They’re idiots and liars, and Florsheim is paid by the city.

The hotel and convention center thing is another boondoggle too. If there was truly an economic opportunity there, private business would have been on it like a duck on a June bug. I’ve watched more than one hotel on both sides of the freeway fail multiple times.

The council uses our 4A sales tax money as they see fit, and over the years they’ve thrown a bunch of money away. I think the law should be changed, and we should be able to vote up or down on how it’s spent. To me it’s criminal to take money from sales taxes collected, and then be able to hand it out as they see fit, without any say so from the people from whom it was collected. The only folks that will benefit from this are the ones who get the money, build it, and then walk away. And they probably laugh too.

Currently we’re enduring a near onslaught of stories, originating from local officials no doubt, telling us how great these things are gonna be. The stories appear most frequently in our liberal rag of a newspaper. Between this and the incessant bashing and negativity against Trump and conservatives as a whole, I’m ready to cancel my subscription. Thinking people see through the propaganda, but as you well know, damn near half the population believe everything they see in the paper and hear on the local news channels. To me it’s an affirmation of the old saying “common sense ain’t that common”. The media is nothing but a tool to influence and shape opinion. That stuff used to be reserved for the op-ed pages, but now it goes from page one plumb to the business page. I’m sick of it. It’s so blatantly and liberally biased that it should be renamed “The Wichita Falls Lies and Democrat Smooze”.

And now if you would, take a look at the front page story “Cruz Addresses Wichita Falls Crowd.” Specifically the last few paragraphs where they just couldn’t resist beating O’Rourke’s drum for him.

Thank you for the service you provide. My opinion is that you’re an educator in your own right… I apologize for the length of this diatribe, but I got up this morning, got the paper and a cup of coffee, and then got fed up by the third sip. I had to rant to somebody else who understands.

Sincerely and humbly,



  1. oksadimiks says

    I couldn’t agree more.

  2. I understand!

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