Listener: George W. Bush’s anti-Trump comments costly

Mr. Pratt,

I have been a huge supporter of the Bush family for 30 years, having given $ to 41, W for governor, W for President, both libraries, Jeb and George P . . . and I have a stack of their membership cards they have sent over the years to prove it.

After hearing excerpts from the 41/43 book criticizing President Trump, I got a fundraiser letter from the 43 Library with a postage paid envelope this past weekend.  Irritated at their decision to attack the president, I put all of my Bush membership cards in that postage paid envelope and mailed them to the library.  I wrote “Please support President Trump!” on the outside of the envelope.

I was apprehensive when I voted for Trump in the primary, not knowing how he might really govern if he was elected.  A year and a half later, he is doing precisely what I hoped he would do – shaking it up and shaming anyone who gets in his way.  No doubt, he could do it with more grace, but he didn’t have any grace when I cast my ballot – so I will take it.

I appreciate you, sir.  You are a blast to listen to and I am more enlightened every time I tune in.

Mark T.

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  1. Turns out Mr. Trump has more grace than most of the people opposing him do.

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