Listener: Why Liberals will never ban alcohol or pot


Liberals almost uniformly condemn smoking and tobacco in general as one of the most evil things in all history. Those who smoke are backwards stupid people who are a burden to society and guilty of poisoning the very air we breathe. But somehow, alcohol and marijuana escape the wrath of liberals. Despite all the carnage caused physically and mentally by these substances, we rarely hear a peep about the downside from liberals. In fact, the whole country is now gearing up for the next economic boom – big pot.

So why?

My opinion is that Liberalsism is based on cognitive dissonance. Things like guilt for making too much money, worrying about ecological nightmares that will never happen, revisionist history that every record shows is wrong, demonizing people unjustly because they don’t agree with what you’ve been told to believe. There are so many examples. Like believing that Trump is a pig and a sexual predator when the only only evidence is a rather boyish locker room talk in private. Meanwhile your great presidential heroes prance around in an airplane showing everyone their erection, or are repeatedly and credibly accused of rape and impeached for having sex with interns, or are known to cheat on their wives repeatedly while in office.

It isn’t easy being liberal. You need escape. You need to quiet down the outer layer of the brain that processes reason, logic and facts and blot out your  memory. So booze, pot, and anything else that helps you escape yourself and the living hell of liberal reality is safe. And if conservatives profit from it, they’ll just socialize it.



  1. You would probably classify me as a Liberal which socially, I am but I also smoke and the 2nd paragraph is literally the exact opposite description of me. I am also friends with Jodey and we donated our legal limit to him even though I disagree with most of his policies. I supported him b/c he is a good man.

    Before I post, I want to be clear that my intentions are friendly and this is absolutely not an attempt to deride or proselytize anyone. I want to try and understand your perspective and I would like relay mine.

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