Listener: The McCain Mutiny

From Listener Club member JT:

Sen John McCain; he sacrificed a great deal during his time as a POW in “The Hanoi  Hilton.”  As a veteran, I truly respect his service during the Viet Nam war.  He’s a member of a very special club of heroes.

When he ran against Obama for President, I knew he would have my vote.   I was pleased to learn that Sarah Palin would be his running mate despite the criticism of Neal Boortz and others.

Fast forward to a McCain-Palin rally.  At some point, McCain mentioned Obama and several loud boo’s could be heard.  Almost immediately, McCain responded against those who believed Obama would be a bad choice, McCain told the crowd that Obama is a good man and, if he wins, it’s OK., don’t worry, we’ll be alright.

His words shocked me. “Why is McCain even running,” I thought to myself, “Does he not want to win???”  I voted for  him only because Palin would  be the VEEP.  I was very disappointed.

Eight years later, it turned out we weren’t alright.

Then, Donald Trump ran for POTUS; Ted Cruz was my choice but that wasn’t to be. Trump insulted the others in the race, including McCain who clearly would not forgive and forget.  Much to many people’s surprise, Trump won.

July 28, 2017 “The Great Betrayal Day”.  Our first opportunity to start the repeal of Obama-Care was crushed by several Senators including McCain.  I heard some say that this was McCain’s revenge against Trump; payback time! Unfortunately, McCain’s payback also affected lots of ordinary people who needed relief from Obama Care.

This day was the day McCain lost my respect completely.  A better person would have let Trump’s insult go and do the right thing for the country.  Sadly, he didn’t.

So, every year, I’ll mark July 28 in my calendar as the great betrayal day.  It’s for all those Senators who lied and threw us under the bus.

.– JT

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