Logged into Healthcare.gov this morning and the results aren’t pretty


Make sure everybody bends over, grabs their ankles and knows this before they vote!

I logged into Healthcare.gov this morning to see what the damage was going to be for next year. It ain’t pretty.

These numbers are for the premiums before any tax credits or offsets.

The First Care silver plan we have this year had a premium of about $1200 a month for the both of us (up from $800 the year before)  but we did get a substantial discount because our income was abnormally low due to certain business conditions.

As of today, the lowest BCBS Silver plan is $1750.76 a month, the First Care plan we currently have is $1774 a month and the top BCBS silver plan is $1931.86 a month.

This represents a 47.8% increase in premiums for our plan alone.

Deductibles are somewhat lower – “only” $1000 family total and $4700 max out of pocket but it is hidden in the extra $6888 out of pocket for premiums that the insurer will get either from us or taxpayers.

Just thought I’d let you know so you could pass it on to all those who haven’t voted yet to let them have a taste of what life under a continuation of the “loving and concerned”  progressive lunacy is going to give (doublespeak translation – take from) us.


And yet another email today from a Listener Club member:

Mr. Pratt,

I logged on this morning to see what happened to my wife’s ACA premium for 2017.  She is a healthy, non-smoking 53 year old.  The cost of her plan ($6,500 deductible with a $40 co-pay for up to 2 office visits per year) went from $333 to $538.  That is a 61.5% increase.



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