Richardson suspends red light camera program

The city of Richardson on Wednesday stopped issuing tickets to drivers caught on camera running a red light.

The decision comes almost a month after a district judge in the city of 100,000 north of Dallas issued a summary judgment and $27,000 in attorney’s fees to Russell Bowman, a Keller attorney who challenged a four-year-old $75 ticket on constitutional grounds.

Bowman is also fighting 48 cities in a class action lawsuit, and Diboll, Magnolia, Plano and Willis in separate suits to end the use of red light cameras in Texas.

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  1. The first, last, and ONLY reason for the red light cameras in Richardson (and every other camera city) is $$$$$. Anything that suspends or ends the use of the cameras saves mostly safe drivers from being robbed by government-run money-grab rackets with the cameras.

    Red light cameras should be illegal to use in every state, as they are in some already. Ticket cameras are enforcement for profits and enforcement for profits is 100% wrong, 100% of the time. Every local and state official who supports ticket cameras should be voted out of office so the scourge of camera enforcement for profits can be permanently ended.

    James C. Walker, National Motorists Association

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