Texas Attorney General Rules Against Camera Use For Auto Insurance Tickets

Jonathan Miller will not be selling his automated insurance citation system in Texas. On Monday, state Attorney General Ken Paxton shot down the proposal of Miller’s firm, the Texas Public Safety Consortium, to deploy automated license plate readers (ALPR, also known as ANPR) in Bowie County to ticket motorists for driving with lapsed insurance.

Miller was behind a similar failed effort in Puerto Rico last year, then operating as the “National Public Safety Consortium.” He is more commonly associated with his other company InsureNet, which led an ultimately unsuccessful insurance ticketing effort in Oklahoma and several other states. Miller has been desperate to do business in the Lone Star State, having worked to influence state officials there for more nearly a decade.

“What is proposed herein can accomplish four important tasks for Texas,” Miller wrote in a 31-page presentation prepared for then-Texas Governor Rick Perry. “It can generate an estimated $1.295 billion dollars in new gross revenues by simply enforcing the state’s existing laws and do this without cost of any kind to government or insurers.”

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