The Castle Rock Legend by Eric C .Taylor

Eric Taylor’s second novel doesn’t disappoint and shows that you can have plenty of dramatic tension without a focus on the foibles and failures of the characters. Taylor’s descriptions of the western Wyoming show a profound respect for that beautiful and forbidding country – if not a love affair with the land itself.

A well told story that you’d be as happy to share with your mother as your best friend.

Robert Pratt, April 2014

Also from Eric C. Taylor is Mist.

I’d be lying if I told you that I expected first-time author Eric Taylor’s book Mist to be more than a beginner’s effort. But, I took it on vacation and now I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you what a fantastic novel it is. Mist is an extraordinarily well constructed and told story that puts the reader in the front row of the awesome beauty of Wyoming and, in acquaintance with self-reliant American ranchers of the type that we have too few of.It’s a page-turner that required great discipline for me not to stay up all night reading – but I was sure to pick it back up first thing the next day! Congratulations to Levelland’s Eric Taylor, they’ve a fine author as native son.
– Robert Pratt

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