Endorsements: Lieutenant Governor & Attorney General

The two biggest GOP primary races are for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General and both are very important to our future.

image: Dan Patrick

Sen. Dan Patrick

In the race for Lieutenant Governor, none of the candidates are perfect but one has proven that he will, even in the face of massive coordinated media attacks on him, work to move the conservative agenda forward including real limits on the growth of state government. That leader is Senator Dan Patrick and I endorse his candidacy.

David Dewhurst was the right man for the job moons ago when first elected. Now he’s been in the chair too long and, while making a front of moving conservative issues forward, has failed to make the behind the scenes moves needed to get many items passed. Jerry Patterson is a great guy and True Texan but wrong on fundamental issues such as private property on our beaches and putting bureaucrats in charge of The Alamo. Todd Staples has little to offer other than his ambition and seems to choose issues solely based on polling and political advantage. We’ve enough of that. I endorse Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor of Texas.

I’ve much more to say about the Attorney General race than I have space for herein. Three are running: Rep. Dan Branch, Senator Ken Paxton and Commissioner Barry Smitherman. Despite his advertisements, Dan Branch is not a conservative nor has he been friendly to the conservative caucus in the House. He’s the moderate Dallas big-money candidate. [See: Dan Branch: Recognized House non-conservative]

image: Paxton

Sen. Ken Paxton

Ken Paxton and Barry Smitherman are both strong candidates. I like them both, a lot. On this it comes down to who has a long, on-the-record, history of standing for limited government and constitutional conservatism. Ken Paxton’s record is simply longer and stronger and for that reason I endorse Ken Paxton for Attorney General of Texas.

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