Endorsements: Supreme Court & Court of Criminal Appeals

Today is the first set of endorsements I’m releasing – I begin with the easy endorsements but ballot positions many of you will know the least about.

image: Yeary

Kevin Patrick Yeary

In the three-way race for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Place 4, I’m strongly endorsing Kevin Patrick Yeary.  Yeary has appeared on Pratt on Texas a few times and is as impressive to talk with as is his resume. Kevin Yeary will make a fine judge on our top criminal court for Texas.

In Place 3 of the Court of Criminal Appeals I’m voting for Bert Richardson – his opponent is a judge from San Angelo who I don’t think should be wearing the black robe at any level. For Place 9 on the Court of Criminals Appeals I have no endorsement; candidates have made zero effort to contact voters in Northwest Texas. [Update: I fully endorse Place 9 candidate David Newell after having questioned respected people and having him on the show.]

image: Phil Johnson

Justice Phil Johnson

In the other high court, the Texas Supreme Court, it’s important that we all re-elect Justice Phil Johnson, Nathan Hecht and Jeff Brown.

That’s Johnson, Hecht and Brown for the Texas Supreme Court and Yeary, Richardson and Newell for the Court of Criminal Appeals.


  1. Marta Hollowell says

    How about Cade Browning for 11th Court of Appeals?

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Not part of this set of endorsements. Also, I’ve made multiple dates available to Cade to appear on the program and to-date we cannot get him scheduled.

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