How do we know Texas schools are “underfunded?” Because they say so?

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Public schools: More money doesn’t automatically increase performance

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School board payouts to departing executives cost more than you think

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Listener: Abilene ISD bond not good for Abilene but good for social climbers

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Listener: Lubbock ISD bond premature, ignores coming grants for school safety

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Listener: Government beauty shop schools in Texas

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Reported sexual exploitation in Texas public schools growing

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Does the new school rating system inflate performance?

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Award-winning school leader says new A-F rating system good but INFLATES all schools’ ratings

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Is Lubbock-Cooper ISD’s “B” really an “F” rating?

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Does the public really care about the price tag of government spending?

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Texas teacher union opposes higher pay for higher performing teachers

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Lubbock ISD spent big on fast food, not just hotels and airfare

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Lubbock ISD’s excuse for big travel spending doesn’t pass the geography test

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If you want local growth, work to lower local property taxes

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Loss of a hyphen a victory? Texas adopts divisive ethnic studies course.

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Do Democrats really care about violence or our schools?

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Voting: You are not electing a buddy but a representative

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Democracy is dangerous when it strays from governing basics

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Demand the Effective Rate be central to all tax rate setting discussions

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Understand importance of increases in local appraised property values

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Funding formula is starving Texas school districts?

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Listener: Teacher pay is a blessing, many just don’t know it.

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Be upset if you will but most Texas teachers only work a 10 month year plus get ample vacation during that term

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Teacher group president talks politics but is ignorant about Texas school finance

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