Anti-Wimp: Armed gas station owner fires back

Houston - A North Freeway gas station owner was … [Read more...]

Senator Cruz disappoints in aspect of Roy Moore debacle

Earlier this week The Hill reported: "Sen. Ted … [Read more...]

It must be fun to be a loser, if you’re on the Left

It must be fun to be a loser. That is if you are a … [Read more...]

“Do something” but don’t expect good results

The Austin American-Statesman reports that its … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil and gas industry future looks ‘attractive’

By Alex Mills After two years of declining … [Read more...]

Listener: Beware suspect sketches used by police

Dear Mr Pratt, I saw the DNA profile sketch … [Read more...]

Walking away from a business is not enough

Great news! Furr's has removed the 30.06 signs … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Home invasion suspect shot in Fort Worth

WFAA reports: "A family was getting ready to head … [Read more...]

[Update: Furr’s removes 30.06 signs] Furr’s chooses to return us to the days of the Killeen Luby’s massacre

[Update, see comments below from a Furr's … [Read more...]

Bush: Red River BLM Lawsuit Settled Successfully

AUSTIN - In a major win for private property … [Read more...]

The laughable Angelou study on SB4 and sanctuary cities

Put this in the file "You can pay to have a study … [Read more...]

What rational policy should come from irrational mass murders?

May 18th of this year was the 90th anniversary of … [Read more...]

School funding addressed at Tribune forum but key metric was left out

Even Smith of the Texas Tribune moderated a panel … [Read more...]

Mills: Crude Oil Futures Up 5 Percent In October

By Alex Mills Crude oil futures price during … [Read more...]

Oil and gas index shows Texas producers continuing to recover

WICHITA FALLS—Upstream oil and gas activity in … [Read more...]

Democrats endorsing Texas RINOs for speaker is funny; proves me correct

I find it funny that Democrats are openly … [Read more...]

Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) today released its ratings of the 85th Texas Legislature

Austin, TX — Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) … [Read more...]

Get your Congress-critter behind HR1168 The SAFE for America Act

Why the most diverse nation on the planet needs a … [Read more...]

Stinks like Santa Anna: P. Bush and Alamo “reimagining”

As George P. Bush uses our money to "Reimagine the … [Read more...]

For all that college money we aren’t getting much

Think you are getting your money's worth with our … [Read more...]

Mills: Confusion Reigns Supreme In Analysis Of Oil Market

By Alex Mills Conflicting news about crude oil … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Store clerk helps family, stops armed carjacking suspect reports: The crime happened around 7 … [Read more...]

A Texas House speaker race. What to do now?

I've pointed out that there is no honor in the … [Read more...]

No honor in Joe Straus’ terms as speaker

Self-described moderate Republican and Texas … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Conroe woman shoots, kills woman breaking into her home

The Courier reported: "According to Precinct 1 … [Read more...]

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