Gross arrogance of Rep. Byron Cook, Texas House State Affairs chairman

"Section 551.023 of the Texas Government Code, a … [Read more...]

Deniers of Privacy Act, or bathroom bill, legitimacy are ignoramuses

The constant claim from leaders in the Speaker Joe … [Read more...]

2016 Snapshot: School District Profiles now available on TEA website

AUSTIN – Commissioner of Education Mike Morath … [Read more...]

It’s the Straus House versus everyone else

Ramping up attacks on the Governor shows Team … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Machete-wielding man shot

KTRK reported: "[A] retired Houston PD officer, … [Read more...]

Mills: Crude Oil Stocks Sets Record

By Alex Mills Crude oil inventories jumped to a … [Read more...]

No Washington-centered health insurance program will be beautiful for long

For many every issue is perceived only at surface … [Read more...]

Texas Democrat: The little-guys are now “dogs”

One of the fundamental divides in our society is … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Houston couple fights off home invaders

KPRC reported: "A man and woman, both in their … [Read more...]

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick addresses rift with Speaker Straus

Appearing on Pratt on Texas on Monday, 20 March … [Read more...]

The lack of intellect in abortion advocacy

Earlier this week, the Texas Senate gave final … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: 12-gauge burglar alarm does the trick

The Tyler Morning Telegraph reported: "Mary Farmer … [Read more...]

Homosexual Texas A&M student body president cheered

I've always had a healthy skepticism for people … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil Producers Nervously Watch Industry Trends

By Alex Mills The oil industry in Texas and … [Read more...]

Appellate court says Houston on hook for legal bills in battle over red light camera records

The ten-year battle that led to the end of red … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Violent robbers will rob no more

“It was a home invasion and attempted robbery that … [Read more...]

Why many frustrate conservative reform in Austin

On the DC-front Texas-born Rand Paul got something … [Read more...]

All state reps from NW Texas region but Burrows & Lang vote to fast-track effort to force huge minimum wage increase!

From Cary Cheshire of the Texas Scorecard: In a … [Read more...]

Adams: Why HB3028 on groundwater is a terrible bill

Don't be fooled by talk that 'correlative rights' … [Read more...]

Local government using your money to lobby against your interests

Dave Lieber, the Dallas Morning News' consumer … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Killeen homeowner beats back home invasion

KXXV reports: "It happened just before 11:30 p.m. … [Read more...]

Ending annual vehicle inspections is good government rollback

When you get true conservatives in your … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: True Texans save couple from armed robbery

KETK reports: "According to a press release by the … [Read more...]

Abolishing the federal education department is the easiest of big reforms

A welcome headline: "Texas Rep. Roger Williams … [Read more...]

Media helps Travis County liberals scapegoat

Need more evidence that in the Liberal world cause … [Read more...]

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