Abbott right but the House has stood in way

In his State of the State address and charge to … [Read more...]

Pratt: The lies & absurdity of “minority-majority” voting districts AUDIO

Late in today's show a story about a court ruling … [Read more...]

Confusion and abuse of “local control” in Texas

Let's talk a little more about the catchphrase … [Read more...]

Trump’s bullying industry little different than Obama’s

The Texas Legislature needs to reign in bullying … [Read more...]

Experience shows what the Texas Legislature should fight against

It is almost the year of our Lord two thousand and … [Read more...]

Coercion to fund your dreams is immoral

This world is chock full of people who want to … [Read more...]

Another form of scandalous photo ticketing in Texas

Photo ticketing company BusGuard has teamed up … [Read more...]

Engineering improvements beat red light cameras for safety

Annual report shows engineering improvements beat … [Read more...]

Group Calls On Austin To Refund Illegally Issued Photo Tickets

Campaign for Liberty calls on Austin, Texas to … [Read more...]

Unfunded liabilities a problem in Texas as elsewhere.

by Mary Scott Nabers Local and state government … [Read more...]

Poof! Hays County school zone cameras gone

By Mark Lisheron of With little … [Read more...]

Hays County school-zone camera program could prove a costly mistake

By Mark Lisheron  of Facing a … [Read more...]

Could millions in Austin red light camera fines be nullified?

Is it possible that nearly $6 million in citations … [Read more...]

Red light camera company lawyer calls for reform of the ballot initiative process in Texas

Texas activists have been blocked several times … [Read more...]

Quorum: Nothing to see here (ignore the 1700 mystery votes)

A story in the Left-wing Austin gossip rag Quorum … [Read more...]

Prisoners demand air-conditioned prisons, what’s next?

The New York Times had a feature piece on the … [Read more...]

Wichita Falls journalist gets effective rate vs. tax rate right

It is a delight to find a journalist, especially … [Read more...]

Your property “tax rate” is meaningless by itself

I know it's hard to believe but in the sense of … [Read more...]

Local officials lie about taxes, media helps

Lubbock County officials are liars and so are many … [Read more...]

City of Lubbock action shows disregard for good faith efforts

One of the reasons people dislike local government … [Read more...]

Disinterested arrogance of overpaid higher education officials

The San Antonio Express-News reported that Alamo … [Read more...]

Richardson suspends red light camera program

The city of Richardson on Wednesday stopped … [Read more...]

Legal Attack On Texas Red Light Cameras Spreads

Lawsuits multiply against Texas jurisdictions that … [Read more...]

Red light cameras, kicking and screaming

By Mark Lisheron  /   July 13, 2016  /   … [Read more...]

Immoral: Asking others to pay for what you want, especially the trivial

Where, I ask, is the morality in attempting to … [Read more...]

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