“Bizarre” ideas on Rule of Law in the City of Austin

The Austin American-Statesman reports that when … [Read more...]

Extended yellow light times reduce violations more than do cameras (but are not a cash-cow for local government.)

The city council in Denton, Texas, later today … [Read more...]

Voting: You are not electing a buddy but a representative

Saturday is Election Day for many local … [Read more...]

Amazingly people think bond debt is free money with little to no tax increase required

Listener Club member Susan writes from Wichita … [Read more...]

Boerne ISD: More administrators added, teachers cut

Hello Robert, It's surreal, like it's right out … [Read more...]

Democracy is dangerous when it strays from governing basics

At election time we are often treated to rather … [Read more...]

Wichita Falls bond debt proposal requires 20% tax increase

Early voting in the local May 5th elections ends … [Read more...]

Voters should demand rational argument on local issues

Many of you face local elections on May 5th for … [Read more...]

Cases in the news show why we need regular audits of entities spending tax money

“Coldspring residents near the courthouse square … [Read more...]

Insular leadership is bad for Abilene and any town

In a recent commentary I asked how different from … [Read more...]

Man takes red light camera battle to Texas Supreme Court

By Mark Lisheron, The Texas Monitor What began … [Read more...]

Lubbock, Wichita Falls & Abilene not so different from Washington, DC

For many years I’ve pointed out how wrong it is to … [Read more...]

West University Place councilwoman takes the Clinton self-victimhood route

I learned, at a very young age being in business … [Read more...]

Demand the Effective Rate be central to all tax rate setting discussions

I’ve pointed out that it is very important that, … [Read more...]

Could this lead to the end of red light cameras in Texas?

James H. Watson was frustrated. Like anyone … [Read more...]

Understand importance of increases in local appraised property values

It is notice of appraised property value time for … [Read more...]

Pro-regulation liberals turn laissez-faire with Amarillo’s bum tent city

Let me ask a serious question: If your neighbor … [Read more...]

Another hit to taxpayers on Dallas school bus camera deal

NBCDFW reports: The state appointed committee that … [Read more...]

Lubbock’s mayor does not respect property rights

The shallow sophistry of Lubbock’s mayor and … [Read more...]

Dallas leaders clueless on how people are “priced out” of city; Lubbock leaders trailblazers in wrong way

The Dallas Morning News headline read: “5 … [Read more...]

Skepticism please! The implausible claims of local officials.

Are voters and taxpayers tired of implausible … [Read more...]

With whom are Texas Democrats in love?

Happy St. Valentine’s Day. Want to know with whom … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Abilene homeowner fended off home invastion

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - A suspect shot by a … [Read more...]

Limits on campaign contributions are highly problematic

“A federal appeals court has upheld the 2016 … [Read more...]

Welfare entitlement bolstered by government entitlement

It seems that near everyone feels entitled to the … [Read more...]

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