Quorum: Nothing to see here (ignore the 1700 mystery votes)

A story in the Left-wing Austin gossip rag Quorum … [Read more...]

Prisoners demand air-conditioned prisons, what’s next?

The New York Times had a feature piece on the … [Read more...]

Wichita Falls journalist gets effective rate vs. tax rate right

It is a delight to find a journalist, especially … [Read more...]

Your property “tax rate” is meaningless by itself

I know it's hard to believe but in the sense of … [Read more...]

Local officials lie about taxes, media helps

Lubbock County officials are liars and so are many … [Read more...]

City of Lubbock action shows disregard for good faith efforts

One of the reasons people dislike local government … [Read more...]

Disinterested arrogance of overpaid higher education officials

The San Antonio Express-News reported that Alamo … [Read more...]

Richardson suspends red light camera program

The city of Richardson on Wednesday stopped … [Read more...]

Legal Attack On Texas Red Light Cameras Spreads

Lawsuits multiply against Texas jurisdictions that … [Read more...]

Red light cameras, kicking and screaming

By Mark Lisheron  /   July 13, 2016  /   … [Read more...]

Immoral: Asking others to pay for what you want, especially the trivial

Where, I ask, is the morality in attempting to … [Read more...]

Spur reins in bohemian side (a bit) of tiny house movement it welcomes

Best line of the month on a national media story … [Read more...]

Neighborhood redevelopment is good policy

Truett Craft is a longtime home builder who is … [Read more...]

Dallas mandarins work to frustrate free speech

Far too many actually support policies like that … [Read more...]

Lubbock Power & Light customers could end up paying double!

As a regulated utility, Xcel is entitled to recoup … [Read more...]

Jersey Village, Texas voters are first to want red light cameras

Jersey Village, Texas red light camera program … [Read more...]

Stop the new taxing district proposed by Wolfforth leaders for SW Lubbock County

Efforts to tax people and force them live under … [Read more...]

Abilene’s city manager tells whopper of which citizens should take note

Many in Abilene are upset with city officials in … [Read more...]

Videos: How to Protest Texas property tax

The Property Tax Assistance Division of the Texas … [Read more...]

Texting bans don’t work, Abilene will be no exception

Here we go again with sloppy thinking on human … [Read more...]

Lubbock Co. official behaves as private bank executive of old

Last week a story broke about an odd habit in the … [Read more...]

Texas: Camera Company Reveals Anti-Referendum Strategy

City council in Jersey Village, Texas deploys … [Read more...]

The state of the Republican Party in Texas

Someone asked me to remark upon the status of the … [Read more...]

Lt. Gov: Some Local Governments Constantly Overtaxing Homeowners

By Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick Texans are … [Read more...]

Local government and public school news for 12/11/2015

Humble ISD Superintendent announces retirement at … [Read more...]

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