Abbott must push hard on red light camera ban

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Where are the guarantees Abilene electronic water meters will deliver claimed savings?

Abilene officials are pushing to spend around … [Read more...]

Gov. Abbott calls for end to red light cameras

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Houston shows pro-growth capitalism, not talk, leads to real cultural diversity

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“The Battle for Houston” is a battle for all Texans

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Is Lubbock’s Randy Jordan being truthful on dirt-event arena financing?

Is Lubbock’s Randy Jordan being truthful? In a … [Read more...]

Does the public really care about the price tag of government spending?

For the Texas Scorecard, Salvador Ayala, … [Read more...]

Local reporting on new local property tax rates is mostly misleading or obscure

Repetitive? Yes, but necessary. I’ve been at this … [Read more...]

Reasons given to move Alamo Cenotaph preposterous; proposed site hypocritical

The latest top reason given for moving the Alamo … [Read more...]

Officeholder and media spin doesn’t lower your local property taxes

I recently addressed the example of media coverage … [Read more...]

Abilene budget media coverage an example of the annual fraud on Texans

Suppose you go to a favorite barbecue restaurant … [Read more...]

Study: Red Light Cameras Failed To Reduce Texas Accidents

Case Western Reserve University study of red light … [Read more...]

Taylor County: $2 million for wants ahead of needs is bad policy

What would you think of a county commissioner who … [Read more...]

Red Light Camera Challenge Heads To Texas Supreme Court

Lawyer asks Texas Supreme Court to overturn ruling … [Read more...]

A lesson often ignored in petition drives on display in failure of Dallas effort

When circulating and then confirming petitions, … [Read more...]

Mexican diplomat in Austin needs to butt out

This is from the AP: “A Mexican diplomat says a … [Read more...]

Liberal city leaders oppose law and order in Texas

According to the Austin American-Statesman, Dallas … [Read more...]

If you want local growth, work to lower local property taxes

Timothy Chipp of the Abilene Reporter-News … [Read more...]

An effort to end Fort Worth’s red light cameras fails, but will the state pull the plug?

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“Bizarre” ideas on Rule of Law in the City of Austin

The Austin American-Statesman reports that when … [Read more...]

Extended yellow light times reduce violations more than do cameras (but are not a cash-cow for local government.)

The city council in Denton, Texas, later today … [Read more...]

Voting: You are not electing a buddy but a representative

Saturday is Election Day for many local … [Read more...]

Amazingly people think bond debt is free money with little to no tax increase required

Listener Club member Susan writes from Wichita … [Read more...]

Boerne ISD: More administrators added, teachers cut

Hello Robert, It's surreal, like it's right out … [Read more...]

Democracy is dangerous when it strays from governing basics

At election time we are often treated to rather … [Read more...]

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