Lubbock ISD spent big on fast food, not just hotels and airfare

A report from documented how Lubbock … [Read more...]

Lubbock ISD’s excuse for big travel spending doesn’t pass the geography test

Public schools in Texas claim to be broke but they … [Read more...]

Study: Red Light Cameras Failed To Reduce Texas Accidents

Case Western Reserve University study of red light … [Read more...]

Texas remains an economic juggernaut

“Recognition of Texas as the premier place to do … [Read more...]

RIP David Nelson. He knew serving as precinct chairman was important.

Terrible news arrived early Wednesday from a … [Read more...]

A lesson often ignored in petition drives on display in failure of Dallas effort

When circulating and then confirming petitions, … [Read more...]

Texas readies scarcity propaganda on water resources; a better alternative exists

“With a crush of people moving to Texas — the … [Read more...]

Mexican diplomat in Austin needs to butt out

This is from the AP: “A Mexican diplomat says a … [Read more...]

Liberal city leaders oppose law and order in Texas

According to the Austin American-Statesman, Dallas … [Read more...]

An effort to end Fort Worth’s red light cameras fails, but will the state pull the plug?

Anna Tinsley reports for the Fort Worth … [Read more...]

Texas A&M officials offer up disproved socialist ideas

Hey Texas Aggies, how does it strike you to hear … [Read more...]

We need a conservative and principled leader as Texas House speaker

Last week the headline was “EPA Administrator … [Read more...]

State’s DOT study shows how red light camera studies are gamed

Study demonstrates mixed impact on accidents after … [Read more...]

Texas Democrats have a bad few days post convention

It was a bad weekend and Monday for Texas … [Read more...]

Misleading border photo use shows silliness of approved journalists

It would easy to beat-up on the press for its … [Read more...]

Democrats appear to want illegal alien families to live “in the shadows”

It is now abundantly clear that Democrats and … [Read more...]

With conservatives leading, Austin-insiders would do well to work with them, not bash them

During last week’s Republican Party of Texas … [Read more...]

Loss of a hyphen a victory? Texas adopts divisive ethnic studies course.

Leftist activists in Texas this past week pushed … [Read more...]

Texas GOP convention needs vigorous debate and hotly contested races

The Republican Party of Texas is about to host … [Read more...]

Plan to diminish Alamo heroes, fight for liberty at the site continues

George Rodriguez, writing for the Texas Scorecard, … [Read more...]

Leftist economic and political systems depend upon full secularization

A Word of the Day on Pratt on Texas was … [Read more...]

Democrat enablers support the lawlessness that leads to suffering and death on the border

Using their own campaign words and votes in the … [Read more...]

Do Democrats really care about violence or our schools?

I’ve commented on Texas Democrats, from statehouse … [Read more...]

Texas Democrat candidates ignore border violence, oppose enhanced security

In the Texas Democratic primary election season we … [Read more...]

Did George P. Bush lie in claiming critical draft Alamo audit was ‘doctored’?

An Austin American-Statesman headline Friday read: … [Read more...]

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