Trade protectionism from the Legislature will hurt Texas, Texans

I've regularly expressed discomfort with the "Buy … [Read more...]

Texas House “Freedom Caucus” invites enmity of members

The Austin American-Statesman's Sean Collins Walsh … [Read more...]

Laredo’s silly statement on SB 4, the sanctuary city ban

According to the Laredo Morning Times, last week … [Read more...]

Democrats put homosexual agenda ahead of needy foster children

In seeking out more available foster homes for … [Read more...]

The laughable ACLU’s Texas “travel warning”

Oh no! The ACLU has issued a "travel alert" for … [Read more...]

Paid to lobby? Texas Cops Get Overtime For Supporting Red Light Cameras

Texas cops spend 7 minutes lobbying for red light … [Read more...]

AP story on UT stabbings & campus carry is manure journalism

Many of you have sent me links to what is outright … [Read more...]

Texas House puts member’s perks and wallets ahead of Texas

Sean Collins Walsh at the Austin … [Read more...]

Obamacare change bill a win, budget a loss. DC has far to go to gain trust.

The U.S. House passed a good beginning to the … [Read more...]

Wasting rare political opportunity is the transgression

On Tuesday Vice President Pence appeared on the … [Read more...]

Want more money for public ed. in Texas? Make your swamp-swimmer get to work on the border.

Advocates on every side of an issue push their … [Read more...]

Washington, DC: Change. What change?

Our good friend and noted author Robert Zimmerman … [Read more...]

It was half-witted for Democrats to make Sanctuary Cities a fall-on-the-sword issue

"After more than 16 hours of debate, the Texas … [Read more...]

Paxton judge cannot remain in the spotlight

Last week I asked our Pratt on Texas legal expert … [Read more...]

What happened to Democrat tolerance on political action?

Among the more silly items of action in this Texas … [Read more...]

Reps Ken King; James Frank & Drew Darby vote to coddle 17-year-old criminal thugs as if they were children

In the 1970's the McGovernite liberals took over … [Read more...]

Abbott backs Privacy Act. Why did that matter to House leadership?

Weeks back I wrote about whining coming from … [Read more...]

Public Education: When did the rural point of view become socialist?

The Reverend Horton Heat has a fun song we play … [Read more...]

Today is the Holy and Great Friday

Let me begin by wishing each of you a blessed and … [Read more...]

Why are Democrats happy with the Texas House so far?

I've informed you have how liberals in Austin are … [Read more...]

Texas House budget ignored conservatism; praised by liberals

What do you think about your local state … [Read more...]

Sen. Perry’s SB862: Betraying property owners?

NOTE FROM PRATT ON TEXAS: Sen. Perry says the … [Read more...]

Rep. Ken King files appallingly bad budget amendment

I recently pointed out that of the "Worst 10 … [Read more...]

Texas House moderates’ lean to Dem fiscal policy is dangerous

One Texas Senator said of the proposed budget in … [Read more...]

The military needs sober-minded people, not fantasists.

The Texas Standard, ran a story this week … [Read more...]

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