Why DOJ can prosecute Trump, others over payment issue

I will try something which is near-impossible; I … [Read more...]

Democrat wants Texas law to say a “container” is not a container

The anti-freedom, false-virtue signaling Left … [Read more...]

Texas prisoners to get 3D-printed teeth

Bad teeth? Can’t even afford eighty percent … [Read more...]

LULAC makes preposterous claim about our electoral system

“The general counsel for the League of United … [Read more...]

Get governments off social media and problem solved

“After criticizing the Hunt County Sheriff’s … [Read more...]

That now loving media called Bush a “wimp” for his civility in the 1980’s

Yesterday I reminded that it is important that we … [Read more...]

George H. W. Bush and the national media

It is important that we not succumb to stories and … [Read more...]

It truly is a “Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”

What a strange world in which we live. One of … [Read more...]

How do we know Texas schools are “underfunded?” Because they say so?

Almost every story written about public education … [Read more...]

“All hat and no cattle” doesn’t limit Beto Pancho’s appeal to Democrats

There was an interestingly written story by Freddy … [Read more...]

In Paxton case, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals protects taxpayers from massive abuse.

When media liberals dislike rulings from supreme … [Read more...]

Two Texas Lawmakers Move To Save Red Light Cameras

Via: thenewspaper.com Texas lawmakers are … [Read more...]

O’Rourke’s style-over-substance won’t be ignored by other Democrats

Pratt on Texas has been relatively fake-Hispanic … [Read more...]

Texas House Democrats forced to face reality

I laughed aloud when I saw this headline in the … [Read more...]

Public schools: More money doesn’t automatically increase performance

The next Texas Legislature is sure to focus … [Read more...]

Hey ER docs! Where is your evidence?

We’re in an age where utopian goals stated by … [Read more...]

Texas House speaker race was fun Sunday and Monday, especially for Dennis Bonnen

Sunday and Monday morning were exciting in the … [Read more...]

Legislators need to significantly fund Texas AG’s Election Fraud Unit

Recently I asked Texas Attorney General Ken … [Read more...]

Broken tokens and how the Texas election shows much is the same as 50 years ago

“…at the state level, the [Texas] Democrats are a … [Read more...]

Cruz race reminds us of the real GOP strength in Texas

Among the bothersome things out of the Beto Pancho … [Read more...]

Elections are funny things

Elections are interesting things. We often learn … [Read more...]

What message will you send today with your vote or non-vote?

What message are you going to send to the country … [Read more...]

Be become viable, O’Rourke had to work outside the Texas Democrat world

“To win in Texas under a Progressive banner, [Beto … [Read more...]

Pratt on Texas in lead of National Review The Corner story

It begins: "Radio host Robert Pratt (of Pratt on … [Read more...]

Austin American-Statesman’s shameful omission on Senator Schwertner

Sean Collins Walsh of the Austin … [Read more...]

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