Guess what? A President has free political speech too!

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Mills: New EPA Head Stresses Cooperation With State Officials

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Opponents of Texas’ “bathroom bill” are anti-normality

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Ignorance disturbs; NFL gets told off

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Ignoring Texas Dems as poster boys for corruption

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Does Thornberry’s bill protect Red River land owners?

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Texas leadership House trying to bust the budget

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The big lie about Texas public school finance

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Appropriations gavel handed to man with proven bad fiscal judgment: John Zerwas

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Houston’s mayor confirms help Joe Straus gives Democrats

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Travis County’s shielding of jailed illegal aliens proving costly

18 Travis County jobs are in jeopardy because … [Read more...]

Gov. Abbott sets right tone on rainy day fund

"As it concerns our budget, Texans know how to … [Read more...]

Abbott right but the House has stood in way

In his State of the State address and charge to … [Read more...]

What happened to UT-Austin’s anti-campus carry movement?

by Students for Concealed Carry AUSTIN, TEXAS … [Read more...]

Gov. Abbott wrong on Pre-K, right on choice in education

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It’s foolish to believe Leftists will be quiet if you just do things differently

There are many, including those I respect, who are … [Read more...]

Texas House Speaker Straus never far reaching

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Mills: New Policies Aimed At Increasing Economy, Energy Independence

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AUDIO: Pratt addresses legislator pensions and the budget

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Bettencourt-Lucio elections bill, SB488, needs passage

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Mills: Pruitt Believes EPA Has ‘A Very Important Role’

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With tight budget, Texas lawmakers should address their pensions

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Texas legislators get low salary but BIG pensions

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Texan Rex Tillerson helped the country by not taking Rubio’s bait

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Biological sciences deniers have end-game beyond toilets and locker rooms

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