It was half-witted for Democrats to make Sanctuary Cities a fall-on-the-sword issue

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Paxton judge cannot remain in the spotlight

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What happened to Democrat tolerance on political action?

Among the more silly items of action in this Texas … [Read more...]

Reps Ken King; James Frank & Drew Darby vote to coddle 17-year-old criminal thugs as if they were children

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Abbott backs Privacy Act. Why did that matter to House leadership?

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Public Education: When did the rural point of view become socialist?

The Reverend Horton Heat has a fun song we play … [Read more...]

Today is the Holy and Great Friday

Let me begin by wishing each of you a blessed and … [Read more...]

Why are Democrats happy with the Texas House so far?

I've informed you have how liberals in Austin are … [Read more...]

Texas House budget ignored conservatism; praised by liberals

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Sen. Perry’s SB862: Betraying property owners?

NOTE FROM PRATT ON TEXAS: Sen. Perry says the … [Read more...]

Rep. Ken King files appallingly bad budget amendment

I recently pointed out that of the "Worst 10 … [Read more...]

Texas House moderates’ lean to Dem fiscal policy is dangerous

One Texas Senator said of the proposed budget in … [Read more...]

The military needs sober-minded people, not fantasists.

The Texas Standard, ran a story this week … [Read more...]

House leaders trying to hide behind Governor Abbott?

According to the Austin-American Statesman's … [Read more...]

Chinese communists demand state-run public school too

In China's most Christian city, about 360 crosses … [Read more...]

Mills: Trump Orders Agencies To Identify Obstacles To Energy Production

By Alex Mills Energy policy has taken an … [Read more...]

Gross arrogance of Rep. Byron Cook, Texas House State Affairs chairman

"Section 551.023 of the Texas Government Code, a … [Read more...]

Deniers of Privacy Act, or bathroom bill, legitimacy are ignoramuses

The constant claim from leaders in the Speaker Joe … [Read more...]

It’s the Straus House versus everyone else

Ramping up attacks on the Governor shows Team … [Read more...]

No Washington-centered health insurance program will be beautiful for long

For many every issue is perceived only at surface … [Read more...]

Texas Democrat: The little-guys are now “dogs”

One of the fundamental divides in our society is … [Read more...]

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick addresses rift with Speaker Straus

Appearing on Pratt on Texas on Monday, 20 March … [Read more...]

The lack of intellect in abortion advocacy

Earlier this week, the Texas Senate gave final … [Read more...]

Why many frustrate conservative reform in Austin

On the DC-front Texas-born Rand Paul got something … [Read more...]

All state reps from NW Texas region but Burrows & Lang vote to fast-track effort to force huge minimum wage increase!

From Cary Cheshire of the Texas Scorecard: In a … [Read more...]

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