Beto Pancho’s powder puff fist lands nowhere near Ted Cruz

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Dallas finally makes move that may actually affect “gun-violence”

For decades gun rights advocates have pointed out … [Read more...]

O’Rourke’s 1984 admiration of Jesse Jackson shows he’s consistent with bad judgment.

A fellow politico sent me a photograph of young … [Read more...]

Stupid: Texas voters like Trump; Pro-Beto PAC attacks Cruz for working with president

Last week another poll came out from Quinnipiac … [Read more...]

“Is the Beto bubble bursting or just hissing away with a slow leak?”

“A new Quinnipiac University poll released … [Read more...]

NRA backs pro-gun Democrats; Beto O’Rourke earned his “F” rating through votes cast

Here is a bit of truth sure to upset the dogmatic … [Read more...]

CBS poll: Beto Pancho voters less rational than Cruz voters

Buried in the CBS News story Sunday, in which the … [Read more...]

“All People, No PACs” mantra is colossal hypocrisy of the Left

A photo from a Beto Pancho Lefty O’Rourke rally at … [Read more...]

Democrat challenger for Texas Senate raised taxes but often didn’t pay her share

Here’s a fun run-up to the election story out of … [Read more...]

Our problem: Entitlement to act from ignorance without shame

We often hear of what a great problem it is that … [Read more...]

Beto O’Rourke opposes tax cuts that turned economy around

Rep. Beto O’Rourke, the El Paso member of Congress … [Read more...]

Beto O’Rourke calls police officer, witness liars

Beto Pancho O’Rourke’s long held antagonism for … [Read more...]

UT officials make allegations against Sen. Schwertner look to be a political hit job

An allegation has been made against state Senator … [Read more...]

O’Rourke supports horrible WOTUS rule; stands with DC regulatory activists

On WOTUS, the waters of the United States rule … [Read more...]

Beto O’Rourke has long had it in for Law & Order

  In comments on the stump, Senator Ted … [Read more...]

Cruz: Voter turnout will decide 2018 elections

In his Lubbock rally on Saturday, 22nd September, … [Read more...]

Listen to the Ted Cruz Rally in Lubbock 9/22/2018, includes Pratt’s opening remarks

Ted Cruz rally in Lubbock, 23 September 2018. … [Read more...]

O’Rouke wants illegal immigrants to do jobs Americans won’t do because of policies he supports

“During a town hall event on Wednesday night, Rep. … [Read more...]

In anti-Israel action, Beto Pancho O’Rourke added a flip to his flip-flop

Either O'Rourke is anti-Israel or he is ignorant … [Read more...]

Adams: Groundwater is privately owned, not commonly owned

This "EPIC/FAIL" bill board faces west on the west … [Read more...]

In Cruz race, press turns even “tofu” humor sour

Here is how bad it is with the state’s cadre of … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz right on liberals going nuts; Challenge from O’Rourke is real

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Clinton, O’Rourke & others use morality only to advance their political power

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Beto Pancho’s national service idea antithetical to Americanism

Remember back when Robert Francis, Beto Pancho, … [Read more...]

Abbott must push hard on red light camera ban

The Dallas Morning News reported that the “idea … [Read more...]

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