National Review story well sums up my frustration with Speaker Straus & crew

In a feature story in the 14 August issue of … [Read more...]

Texas Capitol accepts Leftwing exhibits but not conservative?

Want another reminder of how nasty it has become … [Read more...]

Team Straus “doubles down” on adopting Democrat fiscal policy

"House lawmakers double down on commitment to use … [Read more...]

RIP: Former Texas Governor Mark White dead at 77

Former Texas Governor Mark White died Saturday in … [Read more...]

HB32 is good but not meaningful property tax reform

The Texas House passed Representative Dennis … [Read more...]

Listener: Sen. Seliger leaves out the conservative solution

The Dishonorable [Senator] Kel Seliger sent out a … [Read more...]

Texas Property Tax Reform has only days to act. Call, email, fax reps now.

"Fearful that a pro-taxpayer agenda will undermine … [Read more...]

Is Texas to ignore bad policy because it is local?

Here's a question for you: Does it matter from … [Read more...]

Why are conservatives & Gov. Abbott so concerned over some local government regulations?

In Texas some seemed mystified as to why Governor … [Read more...]

Why has conservative Amarillo elected two liberals in Seliger and Price?

Senator Kel Seliger of Amarillo was the only Texas … [Read more...]

Lax enforcement of immigration laws lowers risk, leading to more willing to break those laws

Breitbart Texas reported that "Texas Lt. Governor … [Read more...]

Local control: Texas has no city-states

About so-called local control at the city and … [Read more...]

Democrats provide free circus at Texas Capitol

One fun thing about the first called session of … [Read more...]

Joe Straus for President? Might as well elect Nancy Pelosi.

Much of what you need to know about Texas House … [Read more...]

Exclusive: Texas Tech, sex changes, your money and odd grammar

Texas Tech using taxpayer money to propagandize … [Read more...]

Texas’ 85th Legislature begins 1st called session today

Today the First Called Session of the 85th Texas … [Read more...]

Electricity is getting cheaper in Texas, except in non-competitive areas

Lubbock's non-competitive market demonstrates … [Read more...]

Rep. Jodey Arrington’s divided loyalty; Ag lobby takes notice

Agriculture interests put out word Arrington isn't … [Read more...]

Combs gets Trump post; Texas teacher groups question own value

Former Texas legislator, Agriculture Commissioner, … [Read more...]

To whom will Speaker Straus now cry about Texas Republican rubes?

Governor Abbott finally filed the official call … [Read more...]

Press confused by Paxton having good friends

For the latter half of last week, much of the … [Read more...]

DOJ gives judge chance to stop farce on Texas Voter ID

Do you think a Leftwing activist federal judge … [Read more...]

Texans can’t afford luxury health insurance for retirees

The Austin American-Statesman began a story … [Read more...]

Mills: President Trump Holds Energy Week

By Alex Mills President Donald J. Trump gets … [Read more...]

Representative Dustin Burrows Announces 2018 Re-election Bid on Pratt on Texas

Thursday evening, in an exclusive interview with … [Read more...]

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