UT’s racism & bigotry is a stain upon us

"After seeing its race-based admissions policies … [Read more...]

Campus Carry and UT-Austin: Unfortunate Timing and Revisionist History

AUSTIN, TX - Nobody in the Texas Legislature ever … [Read more...]

Thatcher said never give in to terrorists, aren’t we doing so?

Over two thousand five hundred people were killed … [Read more...]

UT Regents demonstrate willful ignorance on concealed carry

SCC's Statement on the University of Texas System … [Read more...]

2nd Amendment is about all most anti-gun advocates get right

Impressive Antonia Okafor, who serves as southwest … [Read more...]

Nice legs or not, illegal aliens shouldn’t get a free ride to school off Texas taxpayers

Lana Shadwick at Breitbart Texas reported: "A … [Read more...]

Obstinate Campus Carry Policy Could Cost UT-Austin $17 Million per Day

AUSTIN, TX - If students and parents think tuition … [Read more...]

Are Texas state universities really “scrubbing” their budgets?

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick "slams … [Read more...]

SCC’s Response to Slapdash ‘Newsweek’ Hatchet Job

AUSTIN, TX – The same pseudo-journalist who … [Read more...]

SCC’s Challenge to Anti-Campus Carry Conspiracy Theorists Goes Unanswered

AUSTIN, TX – After four weeks, Students for … [Read more...]

The University of Texas System Should Take a Lesson from Texas Tech

AUSTIN, TX - The board of regents of the … [Read more...]

SCC Condemns Texas Tech and UNT Policies Prohibiting Concealed Carry at Ticketed/Large-Scale Events

AUSTIN, TX - Over the past several months, … [Read more...]

Anti-campus carry activists have nothing to fear but fear itself

Anti-campus carry activists at the University of … [Read more...]

Does a prominent anti-campus carry activist have a history of violence against women?

HOUSTON, TX - Alex J. Colvin, the founder, … [Read more...]

SCC makes anti-campus carry conspiracy theorists an offer they can’t refuse.

AUSTIN, TX - In response to anti-campus carry … [Read more...]

More absurdity from the Texas professoriate

Here's yet another story from the absurdity file … [Read more...]

What other laws should public colleges be allowed to “opt out” of?

By Students for Concealed Carry Following the … [Read more...]

Credentialism often lends the ignorant undeserved prestige

In his famous Fact and Comment column Steve Forbes … [Read more...]

Another reason to defeat Speaker Straus’ enthusiastic supporters

In "Straus Facts #7", the Texas Scorecard reminds … [Read more...]

Senate Committee Testimony of Students for Concealed Carry

Jan. 26, 2016, Testimony of SCC Southwest Director … [Read more...]

Texas Tech Doesn’t Understand How a Football Game Differs from a Ballet Recital

by Antonia Okafor, Southwest Regional Director, … [Read more...]

Higher Ed. / Colleges & Universities 12/11/2015

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of UT-Austin’s … [Read more...]

Borderland & immigration issues 12/10/2015

Judge Rejects Texas' Bid to Block Syrian … [Read more...]

Higher Ed. / Colleges & Universities 12/10/2015

UT-Austin campus carry panel recommends that guns … [Read more...]

Higher Ed. / Colleges & Universities 12/9/2015

Supreme Court hears challenge to Univ. of Texas … [Read more...]

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