Mills: Natural Gas Leads As Electric Generation Fuel

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Mills: Shale Production Increase Creates Long-Term Benefits

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Mills: Oil industry adds powerful new gear to meet supply

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Mills: Russia meddled in energy policy says report

A Congressional study released Thursday finds that … [Read more...]

Mills: Some Oil Companies Begin Buyback Of Stocks

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Mills: Oil, Natural Gas Proved Reserves Increased In 2016

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Mills: Oil, gas, stock markets rally hits a bump

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Mills: U.S. Oil Production Exceeds 10 Million Barrels Per Day

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SuddenLink joins United Airlines in a growing list of the-customer-is-always-wrong enterprises

How do companies remain in business when they … [Read more...]

Mills: Natural Gas Consumption Sets Record

By Alex Mills The natural gas industry received … [Read more...]

Texas advisory group about to cost homeowners $1000 or more

Irrigator Advisory Council (IAC) of the Texas … [Read more...]

Perdue Announces USDA’s Farm Bill and Legislative Principles for 2018

(Mifflintown, PA, January 24, 2018) – U.S. … [Read more...]

Mills: U.S. Becomes ‘Undisputed Leader’ In Oil Production

By Alex Mills President Trump talks about an … [Read more...]

Mills: Petroleum Demand Increases Firms Prices

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Science is more about skepticism than belief

Historically Leftists derided religion and … [Read more...]

Mills: Crude Oil, Natural Gas Demand Increases

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Mills: Oil Price Stability Leads To Increased Activity

By Alex Mills Crude oil prices stabilized in … [Read more...]

Mills: Study Predicts Record High U.S. Oil Production In 2018

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Tax reform should lead to growth Obama-Dems said wasn’t possible in modern world

About that major federal tax reform passed by … [Read more...]

Crypto-currency regulation will ultimately cancel out gains

How many of you have mined or bought Bitcoin? Get … [Read more...]

Mills: U.S. Crude Oil Production Heads Toward Record

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Mills: Low Oil Prices Create Problems For Oil Exporters

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Extension of production cuts reenergizes upstream activity in Texas

WICHITA FALLS—The agreement among major crude oil … [Read more...]

Survey: Texas Best Place For Oil And Gas Investment

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Texas economic success depends upon you

Retail sales climbed in November, according to … [Read more...]

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