Mills: New President Has Some Powers To Overturn Regulations

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Mills: Natural Gas Production, Storage, Exports On Record Pace

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Mills: Trump Victory Will Change U.S. Energy Policy

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Mills: Foreign Entities Own 28% Of U.S. Refining Capacity

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Mills: More Optimism For A Recovery Of The Oil And Gas Industry

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Mills: Oil Drilling Rig Count Has Not Declined In 16 Weeks

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Mills: Carbon Dioxide And Methane Emissions Decline Again

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Texas businesses that put your safety at risk exposed

Texan Russell Jones has founded a useful website … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil And Gas Industry Still Hurting, But Some Optimism Noted

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Mills: Regulations Attacked In Congress And Court

By Alex Mills The U.S. Court of Appeals for the … [Read more...]

Data shows what conservatives knew about gov’t “stimulus”

"Harvard economics professor Robert J. Barro wrote … [Read more...]

Mills: Appeals Court Will Hear Legal Challenge To Clean Power Plan

By Alex Mills The Obama administration has … [Read more...]

Mills: Presidential Candidates Differ On Energy Issues

By Alex Mills Less than 50 days remain before … [Read more...]

Recovery On The Horizon As Oil And Gas Employment Rises

By Alex Mills There are some small signs of … [Read more...]

Texas Republicans show political parties are not the same

Now that the Texas fiscal year has ended, … [Read more...]

Mills: Companies Must Cut Costs And Increase Efficiency To Survive

By Alex Mills The key strategies for oil and … [Read more...]

Mills: EPA Commends Texas Environmental Program, Press Gives Different Impression

By Alex Mills Newspapers across Texas ran a … [Read more...]

Mills: Administration Attempts Overhaul Of Energy System Via Regulations

By Alex Mills Obama’s administration has become … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil And Gas Industry Faces Many Challenges

By Alex Mills The relentless attack on oil, … [Read more...]

Mills: Numerous States, Oil And Gas Industry Fighting EPA’s New Methane Rule

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Mills: Consumers Enjoy Decline In Gasoline Prices

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Mills: Energy Policy Discussed At Republican Convention

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Mills: Future Looks Better, But Industry Moves Cautiously

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Mills: State, Federal Policymakers Challenge EPA Regulations

By Alex Mills The massive release of new … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil Industry Contributes $256 Million To Plug Orphaned Wells

By Alex Mills Volatility in the oil and gas … [Read more...]

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