Mills: President Trump Holds Energy Week

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Mills: Decline In Gasoline Prices Has Motorists Smiling

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It is government that makes monopolies; free market brings competition

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Mills: Crude Oil Pricing Can Be Confusing

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Mills: U.S. Named Top Petroleum, Natural Gas Producer, Again

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Texas oil and gas expansion frustrates OPEC production cuts

WICHITA FALLS—Upstream oil and gas development in … [Read more...]

Mills: Volumes Of Federal Regulations Set Record In 2016

By Alex Mills Regulations are a burden on … [Read more...]

Business liberals and crony capitalists unhappy with session

When it comes to being pro-business, Texas is at … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil & Gas Service and Supply Companies Rebounding

By Alex Mills While the … [Read more...]

Mills: U.S. Petroleum Exports Increase

By Alex Mills The business of exporting … [Read more...]

Trade protectionism from the Legislature will hurt Texas, Texans

I've regularly expressed discomfort with the "Buy … [Read more...]

Mills: OPEC Meeting May 25 Will Be Watched Closely

By Alex Mills It is no secret that the Texas … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil Futures Lower As Supply Gains Create Uncertainty

Crude oil is entering another period of … [Read more...]

Mills: Natural Gas Gets Good News

By Alex Mills Two important events that … [Read more...]

Oil And Gas Economy In Texas Enters Expansion Cycle

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Mills: Mergers And Acquisitions Continues At Hot Pace

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Mills: Texas Economy Improves Led By Oil Industry Activity

By Alex Mills The economy in Texas has shifted … [Read more...]

Mills: Trump Orders Agencies To Identify Obstacles To Energy Production

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Mills: Crude Oil Stocks Sets Record

By Alex Mills Crude oil inventories jumped to a … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil Producers Nervously Watch Industry Trends

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All state reps from NW Texas region but Burrows & Lang vote to fast-track effort to force huge minimum wage increase!

From Cary Cheshire of the Texas Scorecard: In a … [Read more...]

Mills: Petroleum Industry News Sends Mixed Signals

By Alex Mills There was a variety of news … [Read more...]

Mills: Federal Government Overreach Attacked On Many Fronts

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Mills: New EPA Head Stresses Cooperation With State Officials

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Doomsayers were wrong & capitalism proved them so

Thank a farmer and a rancher. Our friend … [Read more...]

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