Mills: New EPA Head Stresses Cooperation With State Officials

By Alex Mills It is unusual for the new leader … [Read more...]

Doomsayers were wrong & capitalism proved them so

Thank a farmer and a rancher. Our friend … [Read more...]

Mills: Studies Predict Increase In Oil & Gas Activity

By Alex Mills Several studies by economists, … [Read more...]

Mills: Global Warming Debate Heats Up

By Alex Mills The global warming debate got … [Read more...]

Abbott right but the House has stood in way

In his State of the State address and charge to … [Read more...]

Mills: Russian Propaganda Machine Attacks U.S. Oil Industry

By Alex Mills A recent U.S. intelligence report … [Read more...]

Mills: New Policies Aimed At Increasing Economy, Energy Independence

By Alex Mills Anyone who had a connection to … [Read more...]

Mills: Pruitt Believes EPA Has ‘A Very Important Role’

By Alex Mills Scott Pruitt, Donald Trump's … [Read more...]

Mills: EIA Predicts Stability In Crude Oil Prices In 2017

By Alex Mills Crude oil prices should remain … [Read more...]

Mills: EPA Settles Another Legal Case With Environmentalists

By Alex Mills The President Obama’s … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil Field Cleanup Fund A Success

By Alex Mills Some politicians have questioned … [Read more...]

Mills: Obama’s EPA Gets One More Shot At Oil And Gas Industry

By Alex Mills The Environmental Protection … [Read more...]

Mills: Trump Nominees Signal Big Changes In Washington

By Alex Mills During the Presidential campaign … [Read more...]

Mills: Oklahoma AG Nominated As Director Of EPA

By Alex Mills President-elect Trump’s nominee … [Read more...]

Mills: OPEC Agrees To Decrease Crude Oil Production

By Alex Mills OPEC agreed to cut oil production … [Read more...]

Mills: New President Has Some Powers To Overturn Regulations

By Alex Mills President-elect Donald Trump made … [Read more...]

Mills: Natural Gas Production, Storage, Exports On Record Pace

By Alex Mills Even though natural gas prices at … [Read more...]

Mills: Trump Victory Will Change U.S. Energy Policy

By Alex Mills Astonishing!  Incredible! … [Read more...]

Mills: Foreign Entities Own 28% Of U.S. Refining Capacity

By Alex Mills News reports that the national … [Read more...]

Mills: More Optimism For A Recovery Of The Oil And Gas Industry

By Alex Mills Even though the oil and gas … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil Drilling Rig Count Has Not Declined In 16 Weeks

By Alex Mills The number of rigs drilling for … [Read more...]

Mills: Carbon Dioxide And Methane Emissions Decline Again

By Alex Mills Energy-related carbon dioxide … [Read more...]

Texas businesses that put your safety at risk exposed

Texan Russell Jones has founded a useful website … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil And Gas Industry Still Hurting, But Some Optimism Noted

By Alex Mills Even though there are a few … [Read more...]

Mills: Regulations Attacked In Congress And Court

By Alex Mills The U.S. Court of Appeals for the … [Read more...]

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