Laredo’s silly statement on SB 4, the sanctuary city ban

According to the Laredo Morning Times, last week … [Read more...]

The laughable ACLU’s Texas “travel warning”

Oh no! The ACLU has issued a "travel alert" for … [Read more...]

Want more money for public ed. in Texas? Make your swamp-swimmer get to work on the border.

Advocates on every side of an issue push their … [Read more...]

It was half-witted for Democrats to make Sanctuary Cities a fall-on-the-sword issue

"After more than 16 hours of debate, the Texas … [Read more...]

Media helps Travis County liberals scapegoat

Need more evidence that in the Liberal world cause … [Read more...]

Even reduced illegal border crossing numbers are astounding

Breitbart Texas reports that new data from U.S. … [Read more...]

An elegant solution for the term “illegal alien”

For Breitbart, John Binder reported: "[CNN] … [Read more...]

Round-ups are good; stopping the flow should be top priority

Almost one million illegal aliens living in the … [Read more...]

Houston’s mayor confirms help Joe Straus gives Democrats

Yesterday I discussed how costly for Travis County … [Read more...]

Travis County’s shielding of jailed illegal aliens proving costly

18 Travis County jobs are in jeopardy because … [Read more...]

Do Texas Democrats care about corruption?

Ildefonso Ortiz, writing for Breitbart Texas, … [Read more...]

The manipulative media is a major source of fake news

In November, I penned and voiced a commentary … [Read more...]

Abbott calls bluff of Texas State Univ. petitioners

Last week I told you about Ben Weiner, a graduate … [Read more...]

Campus life may foster ignorance and stupidity

Sadly there seems to be little limit on the … [Read more...]

Our Federal policing has been turned upside down

Do you need any more evidence that our Federal … [Read more...]

The “fake news” scare is backwards

Much is being made of fake-news stories and sites … [Read more...]

Press needs to be honest on Texas border policing

Here's the latest effort from the state's liberal … [Read more...]

Amusing adolescent foot-stomping over election results

What a week we've all been through! Rather than … [Read more...]

Will this point make it through the muck of the campaign for the White House?

I'm writing and recording this morning update … [Read more...]

An almost open border is poisoning our communities

I've suggested this week that one should keep … [Read more...]

Keep the border in mind when voting in November

"On Friday, federal agents with Homeland Security … [Read more...]

Which are you Gilbert, Mexican or American?

According to the Lubbock AJ Gilbert Flores, a … [Read more...]

Emotion aside, an unsecured border is dangerous.

Judicial Watch has reported that in Luna County, … [Read more...]

TX19: Border Patrol backs Robertson, sums up Arrington in one line

The Laredo Sector of the National Border Patrol … [Read more...]

Border security may depend on Texas GOP primary runoffs

"Mexican authorities have discovered a series of … [Read more...]

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