It truly is a “Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”

What a strange world in which we live. One of … [Read more...]

Did Democrats help create hellholes in Central America?

In a classic example of how American Democrat … [Read more...]

Republicans need to show results on border control, the PR war will always favor the Democrats

“Five years almost to the day before President … [Read more...]

Are Mexican’s Nazi-like “nationalist” bigots?

Are the Mexican people (and by that I mean … [Read more...]

O’Rouke & others do great harm to immigrants

Are people you know among the ignorant who think … [Read more...]

Beto O’Rourke has long had it in for Law & Order

  In comments on the stump, Senator Ted … [Read more...]

While legacy media ignores border realities, one source well covers what is happening daily

While hosting The Rush Limbaugh Show on Monday, … [Read more...]

Mexican diplomat in Austin needs to butt out

This is from the AP: “A Mexican diplomat says a … [Read more...]

Liberal city leaders oppose law and order in Texas

According to the Austin American-Statesman, Dallas … [Read more...]

Think it’s bad now in Mexico? Wait until after Sunday.

I recently pointed out the absurdity of such … [Read more...]

Democrats appear to want illegal alien families to live “in the shadows”

It is now abundantly clear that Democrats and … [Read more...]

Bush signed law exploding child illegal immigration; detention environment better under Trump than Obama

In July of 2014, during the Obama administration, … [Read more...]

Democrat enablers support the lawlessness that leads to suffering and death on the border

Using their own campaign words and votes in the … [Read more...]

Do Democrats really care about violence or our schools?

I’ve commented on Texas Democrats, from statehouse … [Read more...]

Texas Democrat candidates ignore border violence, oppose enhanced security

In the Texas Democratic primary election season we … [Read more...]

A new way to gain support for border security?

Breitbart Texas reported this week:  [Border … [Read more...]

The laughable Angelou study on SB4 and sanctuary cities

Put this in the file "You can pay to have a study … [Read more...]

Get your Congress-critter behind HR1168 The SAFE for America Act

Why the most diverse nation on the planet needs a … [Read more...]

When will federal gun-runners be punished?

"[Border Patrol] Agent [Brian] Terry was on patrol … [Read more...]

Gun-control is not about a more just society

Want a glimpse at the injustice of a society that … [Read more...]

Political cowards are biggest threat to Trump’s immigration enforcement reform

The Trump administration submitted a plan on … [Read more...]

Texas Democrat’s comments should expose a Big Lie of the Left

The former Bernie Sanders supporter and current … [Read more...]

Lax enforcement of immigration laws lowers risk, leading to more willing to break those laws

Breitbart Texas reported that "Texas Lt. Governor … [Read more...]

Sanctuary city ban disinformation and an unquestioning press

"Nina Perales, an attorney with the Mexican … [Read more...]

Where is the constitutional problem with SB4, the sanctuary city ban?

The U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled on the … [Read more...]

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