Satellite shows increased carbon dioxide coming from jungles not factories

In the second hour of Pratt on Texas today, … [Read more...]

When will federal gun-runners be punished?

"[Border Patrol] Agent [Brian] Terry was on patrol … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Homeowner sends would-be burglar running

The San Benitor Newspsaper reported: A San Benito … [Read more...]

Gun-control is not about a more just society

Want a glimpse at the injustice of a society that … [Read more...]

Mills: DOE, EPA Take On Energy, Environment Issues

By Alex Mills The U.S. Department of Energy … [Read more...]

Texas Tech hosts plenty of Leftism. Let’s hope such didn’t contribute to a policeman’s death

There are many who naively believe that good ol' … [Read more...]

Tech shooting: Media subordinates meaningful questions to the useless

How did the Hollis Alvin James Reid Daniels, III … [Read more...]

Texas Appeals Court Slaps Down Red Light Camera Firm

Red light camera company cannot claim free speech … [Read more...]

Why was alleged Tech shooter not searched, handcuffed?

It appears that Hollis Alvin James Reid Daniels, … [Read more...]

Political cowards are biggest threat to Trump’s immigration enforcement reform

The Trump administration submitted a plan on … [Read more...]

Mills retires as president of Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

WICHITA FALLS, TX -- The Texas Alliance of Energy … [Read more...]

To dishonestly use a political party to gain office is dishonorable

In one of the more funny episodes of arrogant … [Read more...]

Texas Petro Index Increase For Ninth Consecutive Month

By Alex Mills Stability in crude oil prices in … [Read more...]

“Violence is not a crime problem.” Really!?

You've heard me speak about the deceptive nature … [Read more...]

MSU rally participants contradict selves on hate speech

The key line in the story from The Wichitan, the … [Read more...]

The Left offers no flexibility on firearms which endangers the law abiding

I've never been a fan of Bill O'Reilly but he is … [Read more...]

Mills: Congress Begins Work On Tax Reform

By Alex Mills President Trump kicked off his … [Read more...]

Abilene proposes street fee on college students, others

"Abilene City Council moves towards street … [Read more...]

Your money supporting homosexual agenda as “policy priority”

GOP leadership help perpetuate Leftist … [Read more...]

Collectivism of the Left is inherently bigoted, racist

Yesterday I commented on Democrat Cesar De Leon, a … [Read more...]

Texas Democrat’s comments should expose a Big Lie of the Left

The former Bernie Sanders supporter and current … [Read more...]

UT-Austin officials unconcerned with crimes of Leftwing radicals

Our friends at the Texas Scorecard reported that … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil, Natural Gas Prices Pass Milestones

By Alex Mills Crude oil and natural gas … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Armed runner stopped sex assault on Austin trail

The Austin American-Statesman reports: "According … [Read more...]

Texas House management cause of Rep. Dukes’ prosecution delay

Why did the upcoming trial of Dawnna Dukes, … [Read more...]

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