Cases in the news show why we need regular audits of entities spending tax money

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YETI sells out to the Left; Rejects the NRA?

The pressure of the Left seems to infect all areas … [Read more...]

Mills: Gasoline And Crude Oil Prices Increase

By Alex Mills Gasoline and diesel prices are … [Read more...]

Is anti-Semitism a problem at Texas universities?

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Insular leadership is bad for Abilene and any town

In a recent commentary I asked how different from … [Read more...]

Dangerous: Youthful idealism not tempered with experience.

My mother, Beth Pratt, had an excellent column … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Home invader takes on off-duty police officer

The Houston Chronicle reports: The Houston Police … [Read more...]

Man takes red light camera battle to Texas Supreme Court

By Mark Lisheron, The Texas Monitor What began … [Read more...]

Lubbock, Wichita Falls & Abilene not so different from Washington, DC

For many years I’ve pointed out how wrong it is to … [Read more...]

Mills: Crude Oil Production In Texas Continues To Set Record

By Alex Mills Crude oil production in Texas … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Armed person holds off Waco hostage taker

WFAA reports: Waco police officers shot a male … [Read more...]

West University Place councilwoman takes the Clinton self-victimhood route

I learned, at a very young age being in business … [Read more...]

Demand the Effective Rate be central to all tax rate setting discussions

I’ve pointed out that it is very important that, … [Read more...]

Could this lead to the end of red light cameras in Texas?

James H. Watson was frustrated. Like anyone … [Read more...]

Understand importance of increases in local appraised property values

It is notice of appraised property value time for … [Read more...]

Funding formula is starving Texas school districts?

Over the years we’ve brought you stories of … [Read more...]

Listener: Teacher pay is a blessing, many just don’t know it.

My wife is a teacher, and we are two of the few … [Read more...]

Be upset if you will but most Texas teachers only work a 10 month year plus get ample vacation during that term

Did you know that most public school teachers in … [Read more...]

Rep. Cindy Burkett’s ties to red light camera lobbyist exposed

Activist group alleges red light camera industry … [Read more...]

Teacher group president talks politics but is ignorant about Texas school finance

Over the years legislators have told me, off the … [Read more...]

Average Texas teacher pay is much higher than the average salary earned in Texas

According to Rasmussen College, using federal … [Read more...]

London’s murder rate shows futility of gun control

The Daily Mail UK edition reported … [Read more...]

Mills: Dallas Fed Survey Documents Oil Industry Expansion

By Alex Mills The oil and gas business in Texas … [Read more...]

Pro-regulation liberals turn laissez-faire with Amarillo’s bum tent city

Let me ask a serious question: If your neighbor … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Clerk Throws Suspect Through Store Window to Stop Armed Robbery reports: A [Lubbock] police … [Read more...]

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