Texas floods, Obama’s quick proclamation & the future

Pratt, Mildly surprised at Obama's quick … [Read more...]

How ignorance from poor schooling imperils our liberties – a real-world example

Sent to me from a listener and friend of Pratt on … [Read more...]

The “mind boggling” Texas Franchise [margins] Tax

Robert, While working up to the Texas franchise … [Read more...]

Texans have a chance to end bad knife laws, central to Baltimore troubles

Robert, I wanted to point out that the … [Read more...]

Sad observations from 7th grade history trip to the Capitol

Robert, Acknowledging all the variables and … [Read more...]

Pratt: What I have to deal with – hearing only what they want.

This week we learned the 900-plus acre Fort … [Read more...]

Listener: Lubbock Chamber shows its true colors

Pratt, WOW!  He will have cost Texas businesses … [Read more...]

Outcry over new Lubbock storm water rate system

From Mikel Ward: Fellow concerned … [Read more...]

Water “Planning” used to evade Eminent Domain

Pratt, On my cynical days, I feel like, when … [Read more...]

Pete Laney disappoints with “ambulance chaser” style solicitation

Robert, I got a solicitation letter from the … [Read more...]

Climate buffoonery

Pratt, The IPCC's 2005 prediction that showed … [Read more...]

Time to end Randy’s roundup and find us a new cowboy?

Pratt, I recently sent an email to our … [Read more...]

Neugebauer’s “nonsensical” spin on Cromnibus

Pratt, This is the response I got after asking … [Read more...]

Listener email on Rep. Neugebauer’s vote for Boehner

Listener Club member Kim wrote: Just where did … [Read more...]

Listener: We worry more about horses than human [Ebola]

If I wish to import a horse into the United States … [Read more...]

Listener: Liberals denying human nature leads to violence

Pratt, Since the first mass shooting, its been … [Read more...]

Listener on SD28: Give Jodey Arrington a chance in the private sector

Pratt, I've seen plenty of Jodey Arrington lawn … [Read more...]

Listener: Think about the cost of not hiring tobacco users

Robert, You've recently been talking about the … [Read more...]

Listeners respond to public schools ignore legislative-ordered survey story

Texas teachers, principals ignore survey ordered … [Read more...]

Owen: Lubbock spending proposals could raise property tax a whopping 25%!

By Burley Owen I thought I would give you a … [Read more...]

Listener: Mixed feelings on marijuana being legal

Pratt, I have mixed feelings about the wave of … [Read more...]

Listener: What about how good it is for the Nation?

Pratt, We always hear, "The Democrats scored a … [Read more...]

Trademark office misses mark on Redskins

Pratt, You just have scratch your head I … [Read more...]

“Road Diet” & San Antonio will put you on it.

Pratt, I was aghast listening to what some of … [Read more...]

Lubbock City Council District 3 price per vote

As everyone is analyzing Deanne Clark's surprising … [Read more...]

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