GOP race for Lubbock County Judge matters all the way to Austin

Among the most interesting local courthouse races … [Read more...]

Abbott’s approach right on hurricane-related STAAR testing

"Gov. Greg Abbott is putting pressure on the Texas … [Read more...]

2018 Democrat & Republican primaries feature fun races

The 2018 Texas party primary elections should be … [Read more...]

Anti-education choice lobby suffers right hook from Senator Cruz

I like how Julie Change, writing for the Austin … [Read more...]

Mills: Low Oil Prices Create Problems For Oil Exporters

By Alex Mills Crude oil has been a major player … [Read more...]

Fraud case against Senator Uresti turns salacious

A great headline: "Uresti says prosecutors … [Read more...]

Opaque Alamo “reimagine” troubles lawmakers

Texas lawmakers are looking into one facet of what … [Read more...]

Hannity is wrong to condemn the GOP as a whole

"Here’s my view on the Republican Party," said … [Read more...]

Should the law force you to say things you don’t believe?

Friday I pointed out Roy Moore rightly and … [Read more...]

Survey: Texas Best Place For Oil And Gas Investment

By Alex Mills Petroleum industry executives … [Read more...]

On the biggest issue before us, Roy Moore is most succinctly correct

You may, or may not, like, dislike, respect or … [Read more...]

Reported data on school funding designed to mislead

How many of your local public school districts, … [Read more...]

Texas economic success depends upon you

Retail sales climbed in November, according to … [Read more...]

DPS Trooper’s murder is a reminder of the ungovernable nature of violent criminals

"Texas trooper slain on Thanksgiving was father of … [Read more...]

Mills: Gasoline, Crude Oil Prices Hold Firm

By Alex Mills Gasoline prices followed crude … [Read more...]

A brief history of the American Thanksgiving holiday.

George Washington, during his first year as … [Read more...]

A prayer for your Thanksgiving gathering.

A General Thanksgiving from the Book of Common … [Read more...]

Exposed: Paxton prosecutor mislead grand jury to get indictment

Well we've more dirty deeds for the press to … [Read more...]

Handing the press a scalp doesn’t buy reprieve

"If I have heard it once, I have heard it a … [Read more...]

Why listen to GOP enemies opine on what’s good for Republicans in Texas?

Some days members of the political-coverage media … [Read more...]

Mills: Tax Reform Debate Continues In Congress

By Alex Mills The controversy over tax reform … [Read more...]

Straus, Cook hold “show trial” style committee meeting in Austin

Knowing they are out next Texas legislative … [Read more...]

Zimmerman talks climate reporting on Pratt on Texas

Podcast: Zimmerman talks climate reporting on … [Read more...]

Leftist twaddle only passes muster due to our skepticism deficit

A recent email from a Texas state university … [Read more...]

Senator Cruz disappoints in aspect of Roy Moore debacle

Earlier this week The Hill reported: "Sen. Ted … [Read more...]

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