Anti-Wimp: Ambushed woman gets gun, opens fire

KHOU reports: When she got out of her Cadillac, … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Store manager kills threatening man in San Antonio

A troubled man called a “crisis line” from a San … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Restaurant employee with license to carry stops Amarillo armed robbery

Amarillo's KFDA reports that on 9 January 2018, an … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Abilene homeowner fended off home invastion

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - A suspect shot by a … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Home invader stopped by armed College Station resident

KBTX-TV reports: "Just before 8:00 p.m. Sunday … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Concealed carrier shoots shotgun-wielding robber

The Houston Chronicle reports: "Houston police … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Wrong meat market for armed robbery

CBSDFW reports: "According to police, the owner of … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Armed dad saves family at restaurant, kills armed robber

The San Antonio Express-News reports: "San Antonio … [Read more...]

Broadcast today comes from Outdoor Chef in Lubbock as we demonstrate Green Mountain Grills

Friends, it is time for you to see for yourself … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp disarms alleged home invader, holds for police

San Antonio police said four suspects tried to … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Gripping story of a road rage case and fighting back in Burnet County

From the Austin American-Statesman: Henderson … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Armed citizen captures fleeing criminal

KBMT reports: A chase starting in Louisiana … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: 2 citizens repel criminals with firearm

Both reports come from a story in the Houston … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Shoot the burglars not your own car, self

It may not be the best of Anti-Wimp updates but he … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Armed gas station owner fires back

Houston - A North Freeway gas station owner was … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Home invasion suspect shot in Fort Worth

WFAA reports: "A family was getting ready to head … [Read more...]

[Update: Furr’s removes 30.06 signs] Furr’s chooses to return us to the days of the Killeen Luby’s massacre

[Update, see comments below from a Furr's … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Store clerk helps family, stops armed carjacking suspect reports: The crime happened around 7 … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Conroe woman shoots, kills woman breaking into her home

The Courier reported: "According to Precinct 1 … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Homeowner sends would-be burglar running

The San Benitor Newspsaper reported: A San Benito … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Armed runner stopped sex assault on Austin trail

The Austin American-Statesman reports: "According … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Use of licensed-to-carry handgun saves life

A Monday visit to an AT&T store in the Oak … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: LTC holder pulls firearm, robber runs

CBS 7 reports: "According to the Stanton Police … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: True Texan with shotgun protects from looters

“It's a shame,” shotgun toting Texan shouts. “We … [Read more...]

Anti-Wimp: Better aim needed, suspect returns to yell at homeowner who shot at him

The San Antonio Express-News reported: "The … [Read more...]

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