When you don’t get an endorsement you did not seek, don’t get upset.

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedUnder the “It’s fun to be me” file, on social media a person wrote about one of my Lubbock-area election recommendations:

“I am very disappointed in your recommendation for Greg Lewis on the Board position of Buffalo Springs Lake! He is not progressive enough to continue the improvements that have been made at the lake during the last two years. It would be a tragic mistake for the lake to have him on the board!”

I wrote back:

Well, I’m not a supporter of progressives!

I have no problem with Mr. Thornton [the incumbent and person for whom she advocated] personally, I do not know him but your beef should be with him.

I have searched our candidate air-time request database and it appears Mr. Thornton has never, not this election or previous, lifted a finger to talk to the Pratt on Texas audience. He has not requested to appear on the largest radio show (and by far the largest media availability for likely voters) in the Lubbock market.

Mr. Lewis has requested time and appeared on the show many times. Additionally, he has been a regular at all Republican Party events and volunteer for over a decade.

It is a bit tough to endorse someone who treats my audience as unimportant and who I have not met over someone who treats the audience with respect, asks for their vote, and who I see at all GOP events I attend.

I have been in and around campaigns for public office for three and a half decades and yet I never cease to be amazed at how many candidates and their supporters get upset they don’t receive endorsements they did not bother to seek.

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