Texas Democrats have a bad few days post convention

Pratt on TexasIt was a bad weekend and Monday for Texas Democrats’ in the press.

On Monday the U.S. Supreme Court put a stop to the Dems’ near decade-long bunkum over Texas’ last redistricting by throwing out claims of intentional Republican racial discrimination in drawing state house and congressional district lines.

Beginning at the end of last week and through to the Monday political commentaries, Texas Democrats couldn’t even earn much positive press out of their convention just held in Fort Worth. And it is saying quite a lot when the very Democrat-leaning press cannot find much hopeful to write and in many cases wrote summaries of the convention which directly or indirectly lamented that Dems didn’t offer much to get excited about.

Most coverage pointed out the same old far Left platform advocating gun control; free college tuition for all; free healthcare; legal recreational use of marijuana, and; “paid sick leave for all Texas workers.”

The most excited column was from the Austin paper’s Ken Herman in which the headline claimed that Beto Pancho flashed “star power at Texas Democratic Convention.” However, the column itself was essentially a collection of things done, not done, and heard at the convention that makes it clear the Dems still live in a universe very different than that of most Texans.

Herman ended his column actually making fun of the Dems by quoting from state Rep. Gina Hinojosa’s speech praising “bleeding heart liberalism” in which she asked: “In what backward, mean-spirited, unfeeling, soulless world was it decided that the adjective bleeding-heart was an insult when describing a person?”

Herman ended the column with this answer: “It’s a world we call “Texas,” ma’am.”

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