Did George P. Bush lie in claiming critical draft Alamo audit was ‘doctored’?

Pratt on TexasAn Austin American-Statesman headline Friday read: “State audit slams Alamo oversight, appears similar to ‘doctored’ draft.” The doctored part is explained by this other Statesman headline: “Did George P. Bush lie when he said a draft Alamo audit was ‘doctored’?”

The major story by Jonathan Tilove can be summarized in this way: “The General Land Office released an internal audit critical of its management of the Alamo. The audit’s conclusions are consistent with a draft audit the Statesman reported on in February. Land Commissioner George P. Bush had said that draft audit had been “doctored.”

image: Geo. P. Bush

George P. Bush

Tilove reminds: “At the time, Bush was being challenged in the Republican primary by his predecessor, Jerry Patterson, and two other candidates, who made his management of the state’s most hallowed site a central issue in the campaign. [GLO spokeswoman Brittany] Eck said then that the audit would be made public in the spring. In the meantime, Bush’s campaign labeled the Statesman story “fake news,” and Bush won the March 6 primary…”

So what is the answer to “Did George P. Bush lie when he said a draft Alamo audit was ‘doctored’?” The answer is the same as I told you at the time: Yes.

P. Bush was caught hiding the scathing audit; threatened GLO employees who leaked it with legal punishment; held the audit until after the GOP primary runoffs would be over in case he found himself in a runoff, and; has now been discovered to have lied about the draft audit having been “doctored” to make his management look bad.

P. Bush’s management and the whole Alamo affair stinks. I knew it then, I told you so, and we all know it now.

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  1. http://Delores%20Culley says

    I think this has been a scam on Texas from the beginning. He really thought no one would pay attention. The things that outraged the people the most are the things he is now backing away from. This should not be happening and we need to express our concern to our state representatives.

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