Lubbock County voters have a chance to elect a pro-taxpayer county judge today, if they vote

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedIn the Lubbock County GOP race for county judge, voters should understand that Curtis Parrish, the lawyer, has spent his entire political life working for the moderate-to-liberal wing of the Republican Party and has zero record supporting local limits on tax increases or property tax reform.

Parrish does have a record of being in the civic cheerleader crowd which seems to back every tax-raising bond debt project that has come along. Worse for Parrish is that his big endorsement is from the most anti-taxpayer, arrogant, and failed Lubbock mayor, who doesn’t even live in Lubbock County anymore, David Miller. And why not? Parrish represents his crowd.

Gary Boren

Gary Boren not only has the backing of me for his long and solid record of fighting for taxpayers, he had the backing of the late Mayor Tom Martin who was a strong advocate for taxpayers often reminding city hall staff that it wasn’t their money but that of taxpayers.

Boren also has the endorsement of the two commissioners who beat tax-raising incumbents in the primary as well as now having the public backing of Lubbock County Sheriff Kelley Rowe.

If you want a pro-taxpayer county judge in Lubbock, vote today between 7am and 7pm for Gary Boren.  

[Runoff Election Day vote center locations in Lubbock County.]

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