Lubbock County Commissioner Heinrich belittles sheriff’s budgeting ability; reminds he is responsible for passing his own pay raises

In an interview for podcast with Lubbock A-J reporter Matt Dotray, Mark Heinrich, Lubbock County commissioner for Precinct 2, reminded all voters that he and his fellow commissioners are solely responsible for passing the raises they’ve given themselves as well as for increase spending by the County.

And in what can reasonably be seen as criticism of Lubbock County Sheriff Kelly Rowe, Heinrich states that Sheriff Rowe “sometimes doesn’t prioritize” when it comes to budgeting issues implying that it is up to commissioners to determine the priorities of the sheriff’s department.

In the interview Heinrich stresses that commissioners are responsible for appropriating all money and reminds that only they are responsible for the raises they’ve given themselves.

Lubbock County commissioners are now taking salaries they passed for themselves of over $80,000 per year for what is, in all respects, a part-time job. It is good to hear Mr. Heinrich remind us that he and his fellow commissioners are the only people responsible for their lavish pay.


  1. I know that the county commissioners are responsible for county employee pay raises, BUT I feel that the commissioner’s salary should be up to and voted on by the county constituants.

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