Lubbock’s mayor chooses interesting slogan for re-elect campaign

Pratt on TexasOne wonders who is advising Lubbock’s Dan Pope who has filed for another two-year term as mayor? At least give credit for the man’s campaign slogan matching the tax and spend record of the Hub City’s government.

In a new graphic, Pope has chosen the State of Wisconsin’s motto for his re-elect effort: FORWARD.

“Many Communist and radical publications and entities throughout the 19th and 20th centuries had the name “Forward!”,” reminds The Washington Times. Leftists around the world still use such today.

Pope picks Leftwing slogan in re-elect bid

Take a look at the sign on all the lecterns used in the Hillary Clinton campaign and you’ll find the top word in all caps and bold being FORWARD.

There was a fun piece at TheGatewayPundit in 2012 headlined: “Obama’s New Campaign Slogan “Forward!” Is a Hitler Youth Marching Tune.”

Pope might have done better to adopt the classic “Better dead than Red” and append the word “Ink” to the anti-communist slogan to announce a bid to stop the increasing debt and tax burden in Lubbock. But, such wouldn’t be in keeping with practice.

I always wonder how local folk can be so ignorant of such meaningful terms and yet think themselves our betters when it comes to running our lives through government.

Maybe if I ever put my name on another ballot I’d really shock ‘em all by borrowing a slogan from Italian Fascist Benito Mussolini: “Me ne frego!” which I’m instructed to believe means “I don’t give a damn!”


  1. Pratt on Texas says:

    From a Listener Club member via email:

    I heard with great interest your podcast concerning the fascinating choice of campaign slogan for Mayor Pope of Lubbock. “Forward!” indeed. I attribute this to a lack of education in the ways of the Left. Even as a student in our much-vaunted public education system, I knew that if I wanted to look behind the Iron Curtain and see the crimes that went on there, or even the pitfalls of European socialism, I was on my own.

    What’s interesting is that I caught that podcast after a little drive I made to the airport in Amarillo for some intrastate travel. Listening to the radio, I heard a campaign ad for Richard Beyea (spelling? I think that’s how his last name is spelled), running for Ken King’s seat in District 88. Of course, the ad featured the shopworn, cliche, throwaway lines of favoring the voters over the “special interests”. That’s not what caught my ear; that COULD put me to sleep if I’m not careful. What caught my ear was his use of the term “working class”.

    Problem: if you are running for a political office, and you don’t belong to the political Left, why are you using their language? Another problem, as I love to point out to people: the “working class” is actually about 99% of the people. Think about it: who DOESN’T work? Retirees, MAYBE. You COULD have some that are born to wealth who have no interest beyond throwing all of it away by frittering it away on a lavish lifestyle, but no matter how rich Bill Gates or Warren Buffett are, the unfortunate truth is that they, in fact, work.

    Just based on the use of that one phrase alone during one advertisement, Mr. Beyea threw away my vote. (P.S. Thanks for bringing on Jason Huddleston to the show last week; and thanks to Mr. Huddleston for using the proper procedure to get on your program. That just made my decision to vote for him all the easier.)

    – Steven, from rural Swisher County, skyscrapers of Tulia looming in the distance 🙂

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