Women’s Marches ignore that not all women agree

Pratt on TexasOver this past weekend about eleven Texas cities were host to what is called a “Women’s March” but the first half of the headline in the Austin American-Statesman about the large march in Austin gets it right: “Hundreds of Austin protesters jeer Trump.” And that’s what the marches are about, Leftwing politics and not inherently about rights of women.

KFDX, reporting on the version of the event in Wichita Falls, quoted Mel Martinez, a pastor at Wichita Falls Metropolitan Community Church, the pro-homosexuality denomination, as saying: “We need to get all of the momentum to the polls. I do not have preference which side of politics or political party you are on, I just know we need to get our voices heard.”

Well Mel, who is stopping you? Women have the same vote as men, run as many if not more civic organizations focused upon politics and voting than men, think Republican or Democratic women’s groups or the League of Women Voters, and, have achieved such political power as to subordinate human life of unborn babies to the whims and wants of women.

Not everyone in Texas is part of the chosen political class of victimhood we saw in the marches. “…Gina Nelms came from Houston to counter-protest and called the protest ridiculous,” according to the Statesman.

“The things that you’re fighting for have already been fought for. There’s not an opportunity that women don’t have that men do,” Gina Helms said.

What really bothers liberal women is that not all other females agree with them.

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