Texas [Hobby] Monthly’s sophomoric politics

Pratt on TexasThe un-official mouthpiece for the urban and suburban Texas Democratic Party sure did go out of its way to reassure all of its readers that with conservative-Republican-hating Paul Hobby as the new owner, they can still count on political coverage from the viewpoint of their leftist alternate universe.

Hobby’s Texas Monthly listed our lieutenant governor, conservative Republican Dan Patrick, as its “Bum Steer” number one this year.

What urbanite Texas Monthly readers know about steers is a mystery to me though plenty seem to know much about bums, in the British sense, as evidenced by how concentrated they are on pushing the homosexual political agenda.

You don’t become the numero uno “bum steer” for giving Democrats what they want.

Anyway, Hobby’s monthly paints a picture of Patrick as having squandered his power and dragged “Texas into the bathroom.”

Never mind the utter stupidity of those who don’t recognize the so-called bathroom bill [Privacy Act] debate was in response to specific political government action taken in the state’s largest city, Houston, and ask yourself this: If Patrick has squandered his power as head of the Senate, would the conservative-hating people at Texas Monthly be upset with him?

Texas Monthly’s political coverage is as predictable and sophomoric as any in Texas.

It is funny how someone who supposedly is not a good leader and wastes time and power accomplished so much to make liberals so mad.

You do not become Hobby Monthly’s numero uno “bum steer” for giving Democrats what they want.

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