Sickening attitudes in San Antonio; Absurd statements from our military.

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Robert Pratt

The attitude of locals and governance of San Antonio has become more objectionable and absurd year after year going on about a decade. What follows is text from a story published by KENS television in the Alamo City:

Thursday some of the biggest brass in the local healthcare community showed up at a San Antonio City Council meeting and sounded an alarm that the Brooke Army Medical Center is facing a serious threat.

“We must protect BAMC as our precious crown jewel,” Dr. Brian Easterly said.

“This is an economic issue, this is a national security issue, and this is a public health issue that begs a call for action. And that call must not go unanswered,” Dr. Bryan Alsip added. In a prepared video segment, Lt. General Jeff Buchanan urged city leaders to act now. “Please keep other trauma centers away from San Antonio,” Lt. Gen. Buchanan said.

The threat, they say, is that Methodist Healthcare System is considering adding more trauma care. That would mean fewer patients at BAMC and decreased opportunities for the nation’s premiere military medical training center.

The city council resolution in support of BAMC passed unanimously and Commissioner Kevin Wolff told the group that he will ask Bexar County for a similar vote of support as soon as he can get the topic on the agenda.

Local government and other leaders are angry that those in need of immediate life saving medical trauma care might be able to find such at more places, places that might even be closer when seconds count.

Be clear, they are fighting to prevent more trauma care in their city for their citizens in order to protect the patient numbers, or business, enjoyed by the military hospital.

Worse than the locals is Brigadier General Jeff Johnson who absurdly said: “Anybody who threatens that volume is a threat to national defense.”

Absurd and sickening.


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