U.S. Supreme Court upholds Texas in homosexual benefits case

Pratt on TexasThe homosexual lobby and its embracers on the Left are steaming mad.

“The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday let stand a Texas [Supreme Court] ruling that said the right to a marriage license did not entitle same-sex couples to spousal benefits under employee insurance plans. The city of Houston had asked the high court to overturn last June’s Texas Supreme Court decision, which determined that all marriage-related matters were not decided when the U.S. Supreme Court established a right to same-sex unions in 2015, leaving room for state courts to explore the limits of gay [sic] marriage. The federal court’s decision, issued without comment, allowed the Texas ruling to stand,” the Austin American-Statesman’s Chuck Lindell reported.

The liberals running the City of Houston made the claim that because so-called marriage between same-sex  couples has been legalized by judicial fiat, that in all other matters such unions, which have wrongly appropriated the term marriage, must be treated the same as traditional marriages in all other ways.

“Equal recognition of same-sex marriage requires more than a marriage license; it requires equal access to the constellation of benefits that the state has linked to marriage,” Houston’s lawyers told the court.

The U.S. Supreme Court let stand the Texas Supreme Court ruling that ruling that there is no established right to spousal benefits in same-sex marriages.

The radical homosexual lobby, even before the U.S. Supreme Court dealt them this blow, already geared up to fight Republican court judges in the upcoming primary election. Be ready for their propaganda.

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  1. oksadimiks says:

    Time and time again, study after study, it has been proven, that the best family organization for children and society is a traditional family. An ideal traditional family is the best deterrent for adolescent crime, drug abuse, out of wedlock births, mental health issues, etc…

    This is why government encourages traditional marriages thru benefits.

    However, when benefits are set up to support broken families and non-traditional family structures, society rots away from the roots. You can observe it in the deterioration of American Society and Public Life since the “revolution” in the 1960’s and introduction of the “Great Society”. We’re three generations into this failed revolution, and those that hold the levers of power are trying their darndest to push us past the point of no return.

    I do believe they will fail in their attempt, because those with ideal traditional families are the ones that have children that grow into successful adults who in turn have their own families, while these non-traditional marriages can not produce offspring, and therefore do not hold control over the future. Those that do come from broken families, yearn for better, and as long as there are traditional families doing it right, those yearning for better will have examples to look to.

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