Anti-Wimp: Armed citizen captures fleeing criminal

KBMT reports: A chase starting in Louisiana continued on Interstate 10 westbound before ending on the Neches River bridge.

On Sunday around 9:15 a.m., Vidor Police were notified that the Louisiana State Patrol was chasing a Black Acura at speeds over 100 miles per hour.

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The Vidor Police Department says 22-year-old Diego Gomez tried stealing a second vehicle after stop sticks took out his car near the 855B off ramp.

Jami Alford was in the passenger seat when the suspect tried to steal their truck.

“We started seeing this black Acura coming towards us and it was smoking really bad,” Alford said.

“We were pulling over to get out of the way and he pulled in behind us, he jumped out of the car and jumped in the bed of the truck. And then my husband jumped out of the truck and held him at gunpoint until police officers pulled up,” Alford said.

Alford says she was frightened during the incident.

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“I thought I was fixing to die, I thought he was fixing to take off in the truck before I could get the keys and get out,” Alford said.

Vidor Police Chief Rod Carroll says Gomez is a member of the MS-13 gang.

According to Chief Carroll, the Vidor Police Department and Texas DPS troopers deployed tasers while Alford’s husband held the man at gunpoint. Gomez ripped the first set of prongs out and was attempting to fight officers. Gomez was placed into cuffs after the struggle.

While Gomez was sitting on the ground waiting for EMS to arrive, the suspect got on his feet and ran from the scene before he was captured a second time.

Chief Carroll says this was the department’s first successful use of stop sticks.

Alford is also thankful that her husband had his gun with him.

“I felt more comfort knowing that my husband had the situation more or less under control until he jumped in the truck. And then when he jumped in the truck I felt like I had to get out because it was going to get bad,” Alford said.

Jami’s husband Tony was prepared for the worst-case scenario.

“He was that far from getting a bullet,” Alford said.

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